Chance Me (really brief)

<p>I am really interested in Tulane and planning to apply</p>

<p>My GPA is pretty high almost top 5 in my highschool
but my ACT score is 27 and I think it is too low for Tulane...
(According to collegeboard, Tulane's median ACT is 27-31 and that really helps me feel better but not sure about the reality...)
I will definitely retake it, though.....
enough activities....fine essay...great teacher's recomms</p>

<p>Do I have a chance?
and also,
would it be beneficial to apply early..?
...personal application...? (sounds special but i guess it is just another name of EA)</p>

<p>There is such a thing as being too brief when posting a "chance me" thread! That said, yes, you certainly have a chance. If you can raise the ACT slightly, your shot should be pretty solid. Hard to say though since you put so little! Top 5 in your class can be impressive, but it largely depends on how large of a graduating class your in. Enough activities isn't how you should think of ECs. Quality > quantity, or so it goes. Essay + recs are definite pluses.</p>

<p>Yes, applying early can increase your chances of being accepted and receiving a scholarship offer.</p>

<p>With a bit higher ACT I think you'd be in. What were your subsection scores? The science section trips up a lot of students, because it's really about data interpretation rather than scientific knowledge. If possible, get yourself a copy of the official ACT book and use the "real ACT tests" inside to practice. Also, check out The Xiggi Method in the CC Test Prep section. It really works. Good luck!</p>