Chance me....recommendation for LAC

<p>simple international student studying A-level.</p>

<p>SAT 1980 CR580+M740+W660(taken in January and will retake in Oct.)
SAT II :Math level2 800, Physics 750
GPA: 3.8+(no official release by school because of A-Level)
Extracurricular: group organizer of some simple school club
once did some market research about loan for a american firm
teaching assistant at EF and donate earnings to sponsor a poor children on schooling<br>
leader of school exchange program to Japan
Awards: high school scholarship (merit-based, totally 50-in our entire city)
some first/second prize in school writing or speech competition</p>

<p>pls chance me: Vanderbilt, Emory, UC-B, UCLA, CMU, UVa, Umich, URochester and UIUC
in addition, can anyone recommend some good liberal arts college for me? i would like to major in mathematics</p>

<p>Most likely rejection at Vanderbilt and Emory.</p>

<p>You could try out Williams, Amherst...Smith if you're a female. I'd work on the ECs and definitely try getting 2100+ on the SATs if you want to apply to Williams and Amherst. (Who have very generous aid, if you need it as an international.)</p>

<p>Go to the "Colleges" forum on the side bar. There's a section devoted to top LAC's. I believe that you have a decent chance at all of the schools you listed if you can raise your SAT score a bit. I know that international students are generally very competitive applicants.</p>