Chance me Rice University Transfer Spring 2021

Hi, I was hoping if someone could help me figure out my possibilities of getting into a top school.

About me: I just finished up my 4th semester in a community college in Houston, Texas. I am a first generation college student from a family that originates from Central America (the highest education achieved from them Middle School. Originally I thought it was 9th grade). I grew up on the border of Compton and Paramount, California raised by a single mother. My family ended up moving to Texas in order to escape the gangs in Compton and Paramount.

Major of Interest: Sports Management


College GPA: 3.78
High School GPA: 1.96

Race: Hispanic/Indigenous to Central America (Guatemala/El Salvador)

Gender: Male

Home State: Texas (Originally from California)

SES: Poverty (Single Parent Household)

SAT/ACT: Not submitting an SAT or ACT.

Extra Curricular:

  • Boxing
  • Graphic Design
  • Music Production
  • Video Editing
  • Part-time job in order to help support the family
  • Took care of my Step-Father for the entirety of 3 semesters when he was debilitated for a year and a half.
  • Building computers

Extra Information:

I have 2 letter of recommendations from professors and 1 professional letter of recommendation from the owner of an IT company near me.

I was voted by my coworkers and managers to receive the Associate of the Year Award: 2017 at my previous job in a local clothing store.

I spent my first 3 semesters of college in and out of the hospital because of a terrible accident that my step-father was in.
I have a total of 53 credits

I was suppose to take a 1 year gap between high school and college to mainly work, but that 1 year became 3. Luckily, it turned out to be a huge learning experience allowing me to mature and value my education.

My dream is to help improve the mental health situation in lower income neighborhoods and help improve their quality of life. Growing up I saw the effect that living in these lower income neighborhoods had on people and to this day I’ve never been able to shake off those experiences. I want to do whatever I can to help those people live a better life.

I’ve been working effortlessly to make up for my poor grades in high school in order to prove to myself that I’m capable of entering one of the best schools inn the country despite my background.