Chance me - rising senior

UW: 3.3

W GPA: 3.5

Dual enrollment community college GPA: 3.5

Course rigor: 6 APs, 3 honors, 3 community college classes

SAT: I won’t be submitting any score to my test-optional schools like UNC unless I score above a 1500 in august as my current score is low for pretty much any school


  • summer science internship program w/ 9% acceptance rate
  • summer research intern at a clinical lab where I conducted DNA and enzyme research alongside a mentor
  • science fairs, online science competitions both at the global and national level (won a small award for a global contest)
  • team leader for a biology research proposal contest
  • founded an ocean nonprofit my sophomore year and I have been running it ever since
  • co-founder and secretary of mental health club at my hs
  • band for 3 years
  • speech and debate for 3 years and am currently a captain
  • was part of a hepatitis b organization for 2 years

With all that is going on right now I would say that anything is possible but under normal circumstances I would consider UNC a reach based on your GPA. Best of luck to you with your applications this year