Chance me RIT (rochester institute of technology) (Computer Science)

I really want to get into RIT, and I want to know my chances (if anyone could help me)
High school weighted GPA: 3.79 / 4
Online college GPA Calculator: (Unweighted), 3.65 / (Weighted), 4.09

9 IB Classes
3 AP Classes
2 Honors Courses

SAT: 610 Math, 660 Reading (1270)

Extracurricular Activities:

  • FIRST Robotics (4 years)
    • Technical Officer of team
  • TSA (Technology student association) (4 years)
  • Work (Restaurant) - Dishwashing, Food Prepping (3 years)
  • NHS (National Honors Society) (2 years)


  • National Honors Society Certification
  • Technology Student Association Video Game Design Award
  • FIRST Robotics Programming and Engineering Award
  • FIRST Robotics World Championship Ranking

Pretty strong – I have had people read it and they were impressed. It’s about my experience in computer engineering. How my failures have shaped me as a person. I literally talk about how my computer combusted.

Thanks for taking the time to read all that!

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Oh shoot! Thank you.

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