Chance Me??-- Robertson Scholarship at Duke

<p>Hey, so please give me your views on whether you think I can get the Robertson Scholarship next year to Duke! Be completely honest.GPA:</p>

<p>w: 4.51 (always been A- or above)
uw: 4.0
(3rd out of ~190)</p>

<p>Senior Year Classes:
AP Spanish Lit
AP BC Calculus
Gov. (Semester 1)/ AP Gov. (Semester 2)
Mandarin Language at a local college
AP English Lit.
AP Economics (Micro and Macro)
AP Environmental Science</p>

AP Euro: 5
AP Statistics: 5
AP Physics: 4
AP Spanish: 4
AP US: 5
AP English Language: 5</p>

Math: 740
Writing: 730
Reading: 730
Total: 2210</p>

<p>Subject tests:
U.S. History: 780
Math 2: 800</p>

Four year member of Mock Trial (team captain senior year). Two time state champion and national competitor.
Founded a fundraiser for a cancer charity- raised a total of $16,000 with four total schools participating
Editor in Chief of School Paper
Student Body President, Junior Rep., Sophomore President, Freshman Rep.
Academic Team Member
Political Club President and Founder
A lot of cancer based community service-- I've been a keynote speaker before at a charity fundraiser which raised over $100,000</p>

National Honor Society
AP Scholar with Distinction
National Merit Semi-Finalist
Northwestern Book Award</p>

<p>Race: White
Gender: Male</p>

<p>Other: I'm a cancer survivor.</p>

<p>Honestly, you have an amazing chance. Your GPA/rank is great, SATs are up to par (you said 2210, but the math comes out to 2200 lol), ECs are focused, and you have an AMAZING hook.
Best of luck to you :)</p>

<p>The SAT is weak, but I like your chance with the hook...I congratulate you and wish you the best in getting this award and in life.</p>

<p>I also think you have a great shot. Best of luck man.</p>