chance me - Rowan honors program

i have been accepted to rowan and invited to apply to their honors program. I also received a merit scholarship. I have a 3.99 unweighted gpa, 4.22 weighted, going in as communications major, 30 on ACT, a bunch of honors , 6 AP classes, been involved in a good amount of volunteering, yearbook editor, consistent babysitting job the past 3 years. lmk if any other info is wanted!

What other schools did you apply to?

If you don’t mind me asking, how much merit aid did they offer you for the honors program? I heard they capped merit scholarships to $10,000 per year.

I would think you have a good shot at honors, depending on your essays.

Rowan does cap merit at $10k now, @mattdelp

What is my chance of getting into Rowan for regular decision, NOT honors? I have 1390 sat, and a 3.7 weighted GPA. Major: Marketing, Community service: 200 hours, Essay: Very good(I hope :slight_smile:

Also, has anyone else been accepted with roughly the same stats, and if so, did you receive any merit scholarships?


I think you’re in! With a 1390 you qualify for Honors, but that’s a separate app with a separate essay and rec required. Priority housing and registration, though, so if Rowan is a top pick it might be worth it!

I’m guessing from you name TCNJ is your top pick? LOL The freshman dorms killed TCNJ for my D!

Good luck to you!

@NJWrestlingmom Thanks, I will be commuting so dorms are not a concern for me.

I was accepted in Rowan with a 10,000 per year merit scholarship!! Now they offered me to join the honors program. I was wondering, what are the benefits. I will be commuting so dorms do not matter to me. Also, do I still get the same scholarship if I apply to honors? Finally, what are the requirements to stay in honors, such as a minimum GPA? :smiley:


WOW~ Congratulations!!! My D21 has similar stats, so hopefully she gets some money!

Honors gets you priority housing (with $10k i still say live on campus!), priority registration and some other opportunities with volunteer work and things. I don’t have anyone in Honors currently, so I don’t know all the specifics. Try searching on there website - they should have some details there. Maybe someone else can chime in.


My D is in Rowan honors. There is no separate scholarship. You will get the $10,000 even if you decide against honors.

As far as additional money goes, there are some funds you can apply for for summer study abroad programs, for example—not huge amounts, but helpful.

I’m fairly certain the honors gpa requirement is 3.5. I believe if you fall below that, there is a probationary period and you’ll get a chance to bring it up.

There is an honors lounge that you might like to take advantage of as a commuter. It’s in Whitney where the honors offices are and where the honor upperclassmen live. Some classrooms for honors classes are there, too. It’s a very nice building in a nice location. You might also have access to the lounges on the various floors in Whitney. They are spacious with big windows and a lot of natural light.

There are requirements for taking a certain number of honors classes, as well as volunteer hours. I don’t think the requirements are onerous. The classes are likely more interesting than the usual general education requirements. The volunteer opportunities can also be more interesting and enjoyable than you might expect.

I think being in honors has been very nice on a social level. My D has met really wonderful friends. I have been incredibly impressed with the kids I meet when I visit. Honors students are chosen not just based on high achievement, but on concern for the community, leadership, and service. The ones I have met are bright, thoughtful, and kind.

I think for commuters, being in honors, would be especially helpful in building your community. You would have an honors class or two where you could get to know other honors students in small classes, maybe seeing the same faces more than a couple times a week. You would be volunteering with students who probably share your interests, and studying or hanging out in the same places. :slight_smile:

@NJRoadie ‘s kids have graduated but she had two in honors. She might have something helpful to add. She had a lot of nice things to say about it over the years.

Personally, I love Rowan and I think there are amazing opportunities there, and honors makes it even better.


I think you could always start out in honors and then stop if you decide the requirements aren’t worth the benefits.

I’m in the same situation! I got accepted and a merit scholarship and applied to the honors program. Does any one know when we will find out if we are accepted or not?

i’m not sure, my app was complete about 3 weeks ago, i’m hoping to hear soon!

that’s what i’ve heard as well and i received $10k

Do you think decisions for the honors program are rolling or do they wait until after the Feb. 16th deadline? My son applied, but it looks like his teacher didn’t send in the recommendation yet (as shown on his portal). I don’t want my son to hound the teacher, but I wish he’d just get it in! Teacher did acknowledge getting email from Rowan, so I’m sure he’ll take care of it, but if it is rolling…sooner would be better! I thought I saw a thread for a previous year that honors candidates were notified in March. Not sure if this year will follow the same schedule.