Chance me Rutgers/Syracuse/James Madison

Chance me please for Rutgers NB (SAS and Business School), Syracuse(Falk and Whitman), and James Madison University (Business School)

-1210 SAT
-3.1 gpa(screwed around too much my freshman and sophomore year, upward trend, 88 gpa my junior year and 94 gpa first semester of senior year)
-no APs, a couple advanced classes each year
-volunteer and hella paid work hours
-soccer for four years, no clubs

So far I’ve been accepted to Temple, Saint Josephs, Rowan, West Virginia, West Chester, Duquesne, Scranton


I think you are 60/40 at each of the three. I think you will get into 2, but which of two is hard to predict.

In Virginia? JMU can only enroll approx. 25-30% OOS. It is tied to state funding.

appreciate ur response

yeah I’m out of state I live in NJ