Chance Me ( SAT 1330) Advice plz

Currently Senior New Jersey ( Male)
GPA 3.6
SAT 1330
Junior year : AP Economics , Honors Physics , Honors US History
Senior year taking now : AP Comp Sci , AP Bio and
Honors Calculus

What are my chances for Computer science / Computer Engineering or any recommendations
Planning to apply

Stevens Institute Tech
UMass Amherest
UMass Lowell
Penn State Main
Purdue , UIUC , UPitt , RPI, UT Austin or Dallas ?
please advice can I get into good computer science colleges and whats my chances

I’m not familiar with some of those but your list seems reachy with those stats for CS. I think you are good at NJIT and Lowell. Drexel too probably. Amherst Pitt Stevens and RPI may be tough.

UT Austin and UIUC are very competitive for CS and UT Austin is extremely difficult to get into, even for TX residents. I agree with @taverngirl about your likelies, possibly include TCNJ as well. Not sure about Rutgers NB CS, maybe try for Rutgers Newark too? Is that GPA weighted or unweighted?