Chance Me? (SAT scores just in)

<p>Asian Female - Ohio
Public Suburban High School</p>

<p>Class: 2009
GPA: 4.756
Rank: 1 out of 336</p>


<p>PSAT: 240
CR 80
Math 80
Writing 80</p>

<p>SAT I: 2390
CR 800
Math 790
Writing 800</p>

<p>SAT IIs:
Math IIC 800
US History 790</p>

<p>AP American History: 5
Taking AP Psych and AP Calc AB this May</p>

At our school, honors and APs use a different grading scale than regular. 5 points instead of put it simply, I got all the H's and A's I could have...</p>

Honors English 9
Honors Science 9
Honors Biology
Honors World Studies
Honors Algebra II
Orchestra (Honors)
Art Foundations
French I</p>

Honors English 10
Honors Precalc
Honors Chemistry
AP American History
Orchestra (Honors)
Science Research Methods I and II
French II

Honors American Literature
AP Calculus
AP Psychology
Honors Physics
Sciences Research Methods III
Honors French III</p>

<p>Senior (Anticipated)
AP Chemistry
AP Biology
AP Composition & Literature
AP Government
Post-secondary Calculus (possible)
Science Research Methods IV
Honors French IV
Orchestra (possible)</p>


<p>Ballet - 12 years - Company member at Toledo Ballet School, a fair prestigious school in the area. I've danced numerous roles in The Nutcracker, a Toledo tradition, and a couple other ballets. I've also done some outreach programs, teaching little kids about the arts.</p>

<p>Speech and Debate - 3 years - Lincoln-Douglas debate; Debate was something I picked up because I wanted to work on my public-speaking skills, but I've grown to really love it. I've placed at a lot of regional tournaments, Nat Quals this weekend, we'll see how it goes!!</p>

<p>Science Research - 2 years: I completed a project related to Alzheimer's Disease last year and working on another one that is likely to be published.
Last year I received:
Superior Rating at both District and State Science Day (Science Fair)
American Chemical Society Chemical Sciences Award
Governor's Award for Excellence in Biotechnology (District and State)
National Honor Society for Women in Chemistry Promethium Chapter Special Award
I am planning on entering Siemens / Intel this year.</p>

<p>Science Olympiad - 3 years -
Placed 5th at SO States, won 1st or 2nd 3 Regional events</p>

<p>Orchestra - 6 years - Toledo International Youth Orchestra (Principal Viola) (Recently played in China and Canada, and Europe in the spring!), Toledo Junior Youth Orchestra (Principal Viola) , OMEA District I Honors Orchestra (Principal Viola), Toledo Youth Orchestra, Regional Orchestra
Private lessons, School Orchestra </p>

<p>Art - 5 years - I used to take private art lessons, but my teacher moved, I took art in school Freshman year, but had to drop it because of scheduling/ GPA conflicts. I did get entered into some art shows:
District Congressional Art Show
Sylvania Chamber of Commerce Show (1st Place)
Sylvania Youth Art Festival
Sylvania Deck the Walls
Chinese Association of Greater Toledo Art & Cultural Exhibit</p>

Service Commissioner for Student Senate (organize food drive, blood drive)
French Club
Placed at regional Foreign Language competition
Interact (volunteer organization, about 150 hours)
Committee Head for Dance for A Chance (annual fundraiser for needy cause)</p>

<p>Work Experience:
Sylvania Youth Conservation Corps
Young Artists at Work (program to improve city through art)</p>

<p>Schools I'm Looking at:
U of M

<p>Chance me? Any input or advice is really appreciated!</p>

<p>viola is a great hook if you're good. you got grades, rank, SAT, ECs (viola once again, orchestras love to see violists applying), i don't see why you shouldn't get into ANY school you apply to.</p>

<p>MAKE SURE that you make a music CD and submit it to your schools. start working on some pieces now to put on it</p>

<p>why do you even ask?? XDD</p>

<p>you're amazing. whichever of those schools you get into, you'll do awesomely. the end.</p>

<p>thanks for the input guys. any advice?</p>

<p>Where do you get the time.......?</p>

<p>I just made it to Speech and Debate NATIONALS!! in Vegas!! Just thought I'd throw that out there lol.</p>

U of M=Target

<p>The chances change greatly if you write excellent essays because your grade and ECs are spectacular. Best of luck.</p>

<p>Well, I'm impressed, damn good everything...but, I agree with AY8888. Harvard, Yale, Stanford and MIT are all reaches not because you don't have the grades, SAT scores, and ECs - you definitely do - but because these schools accept only around 10% of the kids that apply. Now, this is not to say you don't have a very, very good chance at HYPS and MIT, certainly much better than most. But even the very best have only about a 35 to 40% chance of acceptance. So make sure you add a few safeties and such to your list.</p>

<p>Also, you should consider few other near Ivies. For example, take a look at Washington University in St. Louis. Great school full of real smart, real friendly kids, with a nice campus, excellent faculty, really nice dorms, and rated 12th in the U.S. by U.S. News. You also might want to take a look at Johns Hopkins, Rice, University of Virginia, Amherst, Swarthmore and Middlebury among others.</p>

<p>I'm impressed! I think you have great shot at all of these schools. Of course Ivy Leagues are never for sure but you have an amazing resume and I'll be surprised if you don't get into most of these. Best of Luck! :)</p>

<p>"Where do you get the time.......?"

<p>you definitely take the asian cake</p>

<p>best of luck. i'm glad you're not in the class of 2008</p>

<p>You ever consider a high tier UC?

<p>those are some nice safeties for you to consider</p>

<p>are you a robot?</p>

<p>This is when all CCers go slit their wrists.</p>

<p>good chance for all of these schools. Best luck to you :D</p>

<p>uh yeah youre going to have to retake the sats to get that 2390 to a 2400... its just a bit cleaner</p>

<p>only area you could improve on is work experience. get a real job this summer and you will probably be the only Asian girl from Ohio, with a 2390 on the SAT, good ECs, good recs, etc. BUT with real job experience. ;)</p>

working in a lab/hospital/etc. does not count as real job experience. try getting employed at a clothing store, restaurant, retail store, etc where you'll have to use people skills. this will show colleges how dynamic you are.</p>

only Asian girl from Ohio, with a 2390 on the SAT, good ECs, good recs, etc. BUT with real job experience.


even better, the only Asian girl with good scores, etc. with rea; job experience in the entire applicant pool come to think of it. :)</p>

i think that having a job will set you apart from other Asians/applicants with similar scores (i.e. 2200-2400).</p>

<p>wow your stats are so impressive. congratulations! if you don't get into any school you apply to, there is not hope for the rest of us</p>

<p>wow thanks for posting this, now I feel even more like a piece of crap.</p>

<p>thanks for the advice! I'll look into that job.</p>