Chance me? should i even apply?

<p>I'm a 2014 applicant (Female attending small private boarding school in CT)
I know my chances are low ...but i'm tough so be brutally honest!</p>

<p>Courses and Grades
9th: Geometry Honors (A), Ancient World History (A-), Biology (A), English I (A), Spanish III (A)
10th: Algebra 2 Honors (A-), African History (A-), Chemistry Honors (A), English 2 (A-), Spanish Language AP (A)
11th: AP US History (A-), AP Spanish Lit (A), Precalc Honors (A-), English 3 (A), AP Biology (A)
12th: AP English Lit (A), AP BC Calc (B+), Physics Honors (A), Geology (A), AP European History (A-)</p>

Varsity Swim 9-12
Jv Lax 9-12
Jv field hockey 9-10
Classical piano since 1st grade
Orange Key prospective student tour guide 9-12
School newspaper writer 9-12
Co-Head of peer tutoring club 10-12
New Student Mentor 10-12
Volunteer for meals-on-wheels at local hospital</p>

<p>Took summer undergrad courses at Harvard in Psych (A+) and Econ (A)
Enrolled in immersion classes in Mexico city</p>

<p>Work as paid intern in law office on weekends
Summer before senior year, worked as lab assistant in endocrinology research in harvard med school lab</p>

Math 760 CR 770 Writing 770</p>

<p>Subject SATs:
Math 2: 790
Spanish: 790
Chem: 780
Math 1: 740
Bio: 750 (taken after frosh year)</p>

Spanish Lang-5
US - 5
Bio - 5
Span lit - 4</p>

<p>My 2 teacher references are VERY of my teachers who I've had for the past 2 years said that I'm one of the best he's seen in his 20 yrs teaching.
I also got a reference from my Harvard Med. School Lab advisor - he got his BS, MD, and PhD at Harvard.</p>

<p>My grandfather & uncle are alumni, but we aren't big donors (we're not wealthy).</p>

<p>Thank you for your time~

<p>definitely apply. you have a reasonably high chance, with some luck youll get in</p>

<p>I'd say you have as much a chance as anyone. Go for it!</p>

<p>You have quite the resume there. I, not being an admissions officer, can't say your exact chances but you should DEFINITELY apply. A 2300 SAT is fantastic, extracurriculars excellent also. In particular working at the Harvard lab (and getting the recommendation) would definitely help.<br>
Your grades also look ok, although I suppose you could have taken more APs.
Best of luck!
p.s. question for you: what do you plan to major in? I don't see any overarching theme to your accomplishments...</p>

<p>WOW! um...genius much?I'm veryyy impressed! I say definitely apply! But don't necessarily get your hopes up, because you never know with these colleges these days! lol
good luck!</p>

<p>Very strong amount of community service and involvement is always helpful. Makes you seem (and you probably are) like a well-rounded person to admission officers. Go for it. Good luck!</p>