Chance Me! Standord or Cal (haha) and more

<p>Weighted GPA:4.5
Unweighted GPA: 3.99</p>

<p>SAT: 2050
SAT II: none (advice on what tests to take would be very helpful THANKS)
ACT: Pending</p>

-Swimming (School only)
-Water Polo (Club + school); Team Captain Freshman yr (novice)
-Volleyball (Club + school) Team Captain Sophomore yr (JV)
-Triathlete & Scholar Athlete (recognized by local newspaper for this)
- A board member of my school's Site Governance Team
-ASB Coordination (senior yr)</p>

-American Diabetes Foundation - 32 hours
-Kidz Camp - 50 hrs (and counting) (counts as work experience)</p>

- An artwork of mine was selected to be featured in "Young Jovenes" and art show which was in my city's official Museum of Art.
- Made a PSA for a local organization which was distributed around my community including multiple other schools.</p>

- I am part of an art academy within my school (im artistically talented)</p>


<p>Gotta get that sat or act up if you want a chance bro.</p>

<p>no chance, SAT stinks</p>