Chance me, Stanford, MIT, UC Berkeley…

I have 4 publications in top CS conferences (organized by IEEE,ACM) and journals (Elsevier Smart Health). 3 of them have me as the first author papers. I have presently 2 papers under review (1 in Sensys another top CS conference, and another in a Elsevier Smart Health journal). I am going to be senior this Fall. My present GPA is 4 out of 4. By the time I finish HS, i will have around 12 APS). Our school does not rank students. I have AIME score 8 this year. I have distinguished honor rolls in AMC 12, AMC 10 several times. I also have several math competition recognitions like top scorer in Berkeley Math tournament and Stanford Math tournament. I have several STEM volunteering activities as club leaders, where I tutor middle and early highschoolers for Math and CS competitions. I want to go to MIT, Stanford, UC Berkeley, Caltech, CMU like Unis and do double major in CS and Math. What do the admission experts feel about my background?

BTW, my ACT is 35

What are your recommenders going to write about you? Holistically?


Congratulations on your achievements.

Calculate your UC GPAs here and let us know what they are: GPA Calculator for the University of California – RogerHub

What math class will you have senior year?

Do you have financial constraints for college, and if so what is your annual budget?

What is your home state?

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What you have is a good starting point. But, it takes a village – your school should love you for who you are, the full person, and want you to succeed, and should show it on paper. Then great things can happen.

I will take linear algebra college credit in senior year. I am finishing in 3 years the hs. I am in ny state…not any significant financial constraints. I am kind of exhausting the stem aps in school, except ap biology…the school offers nearly all science, calculus, and CS aps…


I will check cal gpa using your link. I have avg 98% in grade 9 and now in grade 11. The school offers percentage result…I got double promotion from 9to11 this yr…


Yes, I did. My nweighted GPA is 4 and weighted 4.7.


You have the same chance as any other well qualified applicant. These colleges have VERY low %ages of acceptance. 90% or so of well qualified applicants get denied admission to these colleges every year.

So…apply and see. You very well could be one of those accepted. Or not.

Do you have a couple of sure things for admission on your application wish list? If not, I would strongly suggest you find these…soon.

And make sure your parents are willing to pay $67,000 a year or more for your college education. Because the schools you have listed above cost at least $67,000 a year (Cal) and others cost $80,000 a year…or more.

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Thanks, how do you think about my chances in Cornell and Columbia?

Admit rate for UCB EECS was 4.5% last year and for CS in the College of Letters and Sciences it was 2.9%.

Are you a CA resident? If not, can you pay full fees at $67+K/year to attend UCB? UCB is test blind also.

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Chances for ED and RD will be quite different. You need to choose one school. Then odds for that school are likely reasonable.


These are both still highly competitive universities. They deny admission to far more students than they accept.

When I suggested looking for schools with more assured admissions…I didn’t mean adding more highly competitive colleges.


You have a wonderful high school record of achievement. That being said, it is hard to estimate your chances at the schools you have listed since they are all highly competitive and reject many highly qualified applicants. Using ED could boost your chances. Like all students you need to have a balanced list of matches, reaches and safeties. Your list is all reaches - especially for CS which is a very tough admit. Given your background you probably have a higher chance of admission at some of these schools than the average -but given that overall acceptance rates are less than 10% that isn’t saying a lot and is far from a guarantee.


I hope you have additional schools on your list that have more predictable admissions?

What is your actual budget? $250k? $330k?
Don’t guess, get an actual number from your parents and post here. That will help us suggest appropriate schools.


@aunt_bea perhaps you can comment about a certain college on NY state where this student will be able to major in CS…

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Out on vacation for a few more days. Will respond when I get back.


Why don’t you apply to your SUNY schools? They are very underrated.

With CS it doesn’t matter where you go to school because you will be employable. It’s a very marketable degree.

Our daughter attended SUNY Buffalo. She received an excellent education and attended field trips to the local engineering companies. She came to California and had no problem finding work here. If you’re doubting how capable she is, she got into top schools-all of the top UC’s where she applied -was admitted to several top 10 schools on the east coast, but initially wanted a direct line to a med school and SUNY Buffalo used to offer a program for that. She later changed to engineering and hasn’t looked back.

Please get some help with your written language skills. I’ve noticed that your English writing skills have a number of errors.

If you really want a decent chance at some of those top in schools, your English written language skills have to be perfect. Yes, even if you are a STEM candidate, the top rated schools expect you to be perfect in every area. They do not want employers to assume that their graduates cannot write a decent sentence. This is especially true in the area of CS.


Most of the schools on the OP’s list do not even have ED. UC schools are RD only. Telling a student that is trying to build a college list that they need to pick ONE school is not good advice. Once they have a solid list of safety, target, and reach schools, then they should consider using ED/REA if they identify a clear favorite that is affordable. It’s too soon to advise them to pick ONE.

And “reasonable” odds are still very low, even with ED/REA.

Does this mean you skipped a grade in high school? If so, how have you been able to take all the required courses for graduation? I’m not sure what the state requirements are in NY. Most competitive colleges want to see at least 4 years of English and Math, 3 years of science, social studies and foreign language in addition to varied elective courses.

I’m not saying it’s not possible, but I’m just wondering if you have completed all the requisite coursework.