chance me Stern ED2 please!

<p>glaring weakness: Asian male. International(South Korean-which is most difficult in terms of college admission). please consider this..</p>

<p>GPA: cumulative GPA is 3.88 weighted.
I don't know this matters, but
I got about 3.5~6 in my freshman year(4A's, 3B's).
but I had 4.0 both in my sophomore and junior year.-it's about top 7% at my school.
My school isn't extremely competitive, but about 5%~10% of each class go to sub-IVYs and above. </p>

<p>SAT: superscore 2320(CR740, W790, M790) </p>

<p>Essays: I have to say they are not creative. Not one of those so-called mind-blowing writings. But I was very clear and coherent about my points, and I think my essays are stylistically great--even if I were a native speaker(which I'm not). </p>

<p>Activities: I guess this isn't that important for Stern, but I'd say mines are decent.
A couple of leadership position in economics and stock market club(business related).
band leader/lead guitarist. consistent in one sport(3-year varsity). some community service. miscellaneous clubs(but inconsistent).</p>

<p>Recommendation: not outstanding when compared to other great Stern applicants, but I think my Recs contain my academic strength--I got them from two classes I was one of the top students. </p>

<p>and Early Decision II</p>