Chance me strange case here

<p>I have a low 3.4UW gpa and a 2180 sat CR:680 M:740 W:760
780 Math IIC and 660 BIO but i am retaking the bio in october hoping for 700+.
I have good extracurriculars and am taking pretty rigorous honors/aps </p>

<p>What are my chances for
johns hopkins
carnegie mellon
union college
college of holy cross
frank and marshall college</p>

<p>First of all, your GPA and test scores are low for some of these schools. I would definitely reccomend retaking the SAT. What classes are you taking and what are your EC's? Have you received any awards? Based on what I have read so far, this is what I think about the following schools (not sure about the rest):
Johns Hopkins- reach
North Western- reach
NYU- reach
Cornell- reach
Carnegie Mellon-reach</p>

<p>Your problem isn't your SAT as much as it is your GPA for many of the schools on your list. You need to get straight A's in the fall, if you want a better shot at some of these schools. I'd say NU, JHU, Cornell, and probably CMU, and Vandy are high reaches. Your lower reaches are NYU, BC, and UMich (unless you're in-state). Probably okay on the others.</p>