Chance Me: Strictly Portfolio

<p>My grades and extra curriculars are competitive enough; I'm more interested in what you guys think of my portfolio/artwork because I am my harshest critic. Where do I stand?</p>

<p>This is my online link:</p>

<p>(I have work that I haven't posted online, but it's pretty similar...though I do need to get some of my landscapes up)...</p>

<p>MissIdes</a> on deviantART</p>

<p>Thank you~</p>

<p>I'm sure not an expert (only a parent XD), but I liked it.</p>

<p>I liked youir stuff too but do you have any drawings from life? Schools make a big deal out of this and life drawing is a big factor in a lot of art schools when it comes to admissions. Anything really, landscapes, figure drawings, drawings of objects such as chairs.</p>

<p>I have some life drawings, but they were only 5 and 10 min gesture drawings...hmm I'll like for my life drawings and post them. Maybe check back later if you remember and have time :)</p>

<p>The face portion of "february twentieth", "blue ear", and "winter's cold" are all self portraits I did while looking in a mirror- does that count as drawn/painted from life?</p>

<p>Tim is right, drawing from life is what schools hold in high regard. This inlcudes people and still lifes. Check some websites of schools you might be interested in and see what their portfolio requirements are. I know for at least one school they required a landscape, an interior space (like drawing what's in your bedroom), and a self portrait among others. And RISD has the bicycle of course. You want to make sure you have a good mix. D had the above mentioned items (minus the bike, she didn't apply there) as well as photography and graphic design. They want to see a good mix and what you can do out of your head, not an assignment you had in art class.</p>

<p>I would say your portfolio looks pretty great! You've certainly shown your capabilities working with multiple mediums, your technical skill, and conceptual creativity. All that's left to do is bust out a few pencil sketches (of objects, vegetables, your pet, furniture...that sort of thing) to really demonstrate that you can sketch from real life.</p>