Chance me / Suggest Colleges

Hi, please chance me and suggest colleges!

About me: Hispanic senior from Florida. Homeschooled all my life, did 8th grade and high school through Florida Virtual School Flex. Dual-enrolled, will graduate with an AA from an accredited community college. Mom has a bachelor’s degree, biological dad has a high school diploma. I want to major in English, minor in Psychology if offered, if not then Philosophy. Pre-law route.

Stats: 4.0 UW, 4.6 W GPA. 1220 (660 ERW, 560 Math) SAT. I have studied and will retake Sept 27, maybe October as well if results are not as desired. I’m hoping it’s not canceled, though, because the August date was in my area.

ECs: President of NEHS, (president senior year, member junior/senior)
Editorial Board Member of Creative Writing Club, (editorial board member junior/senior year, member sophomore/junior/senior)
Literary Magazine Club (member junior/senior)
Planning on joining Debate Club or Model UN senior year.
Violinist in church orchestra, went with church to nursing homes some Saturdays.
Family Responsibilities (EC on Common App and something that has influenced my availability when it comes to ECs). Supervising also homeschooled younger siblings 8 hours a day, 3-4 days a week since mom is nightshift nurse and sleeps during day while step-dad is at work.

I have one great recommendation letter from a college-level class (my work was used as an example of excellence in the class, only student in 10 years to finish class with 100%). So as far as that part of the application goes, I’m confident. The rest, not so much.

Colleges: (Planning on applying test optional to the test optional ones if my score does not improve sufficiently).
Boston College
Flagler College
University of Miami
UNC-Chapel Hill

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m seeing a lot of reaches on the list, either statistically or financially. It’s fine to put some, but I think your main focus should be FL schools. You’ve got a huge advantage on that. FL has the lowest tuition rates in the country. I’d put down a few more state schools on the list.

What’s your budget?

Don’t major in pre-law.

Please apply to a few more Florida schools. Jealous of the cost of Florida schools. Schools like UVA and UNC would be high, high reaches being OOS and probably full-play.

Run the Net Price Calculator (NPC) on your schools and see if they’re in budget. You’ll need financial info from parents.

Thanks! I added some more Florida schools (FAU, USF). I will run the Net Price Calculator. As far as I know, we can’t afford much and if I go to a Florida school (which is most likely) I will try to take advantage of Bright Futures Scholarships. I qualify for the Florida Medallion Scholarship at the moment as far as GPA and SAT scores go, I just need a few more volunteer hours.

The reality is that most kids go to college close home. It’s OK. You can get a great education, with no debt, and have your support system nearby. Not too bad. Good luck.