Chance Me: Swarthmore

Hello. My name is Ryan and I am currently going into my senior year of high school. Not everything is complete as I haven’t really started the college process. Also I plan to take a rigorous schedule next year with 5/6 Ap classes

California Resident, White Male

Parent Income: 500k+

Major: Biology or Environmental Sciences

SAT scores: RW 720 M 760

SAT subject Test Scores: Chemistry 720; US History 780

AP classes (test scores in parenthesis): Ap Comp Sci A (2), AP Chem (4), AP US History (4),

GPA: 3.91/4 unweighted 4.15/4 weighted

I plan to do a campus tour and interview.

Extra Curricular: Volunteer at the local zoo (400+ hours); Volunteer teaching Stem Subjects to elementary school kids (20+ hours); Local Charity Organization (50+ hours); Volunteer at the botanical garden (10+ hours); I strongly enjoy nature photography and have a personal website with my photos on it; I also plan to continue with all the work listed and I also would like to start volunteering at a local animal shelter.

Recs and Essays: Assume strong recs and essays

Anything Extra: I have lived in two foreign countries (Brazil and Singapore); I plan to apply early decision.

I know its impossible to accurately predict college admissions but any help would be appreciated. I would also appreciate if you left any feedback as to how I could improve my chances.

Hey dude!
I know this post was made a million years ago, but I’m going E.D as well and have very similar stats and background (tho I am on the East Coast.)
My odds bounce between 25% and 50% as an ED candidate, so I’m assuming yours are similar–although they do get a lot of Cali applications. If your school has naviance, see if anybody’s gotten in in the past. It never hurts to reach out. Oh, also–they track interest, so best to visit and interview asap.
Doing a sport that Swarthmore typically recruits for is not a bad idea–even if you’re not recruitable. I do fencing (even though they don’t recruit) and my admissions rep was ecstatic to hear I might join their club.
If you’re curious about Swat and more schools, try using college vine. They have a paid service but for what it’s worth the free version does a good job at chancing.
Good luck! :smile: