Chance me? TCU

Hello, I am a transfer student and I am looking to transfer to TCU. My GPA is a 3.31 with 30 credit hours. I have received an A in both anatomy and physiology courses as well as microbiology. (If that can even count). I did not submit nor take the ACT or SAT due to the fact that I have enough credits that allowed me to wave those tests. In high school I played football and was involved in track and field. I was also apart of my schools FFA chapter and participated in leadership speaking contests and I was elected president of the rodeo team where I went to finals 3 years in a row. In January of this year I ended my contract with the U.S. Army after 4 years of active service as a infantryman and I continue to serve today in the Army reserves as a Medic.
What are my chances of getting accepted?