Chance Me: Temple University

Please chance me for Temple.
I’ve also applied to Providence, Marist, Catholic University of America, & La Salle, if anyone wants to chance for those.

State: NJ
Gender: Female
GPA: 3.3/3.4 (?)
SAT: 1410, (Didn’t submit, only to La Salle)
Essays: They came out great! They’re about my experience of homelessness, it helped me discover the field of social work, as well as encourage me to graduate college.
Extracurriculars: Currently: dance. Previously: yearbook, community service, martial arts, cooking.
Volunteering: Volunteered with two animal rescue groups, one online English tutoring service, and one childcare group.
Hooks: URM? (15% Hispanic, does this count?), low-income, first generation student

I also applied and is one of my top choices. I have similar stats to yours and I got accepted to Scranton which is a school similar to Temple’s stats. I think you definitely have a shot with your GPA being solid an looks like your essay and ECs look strong enough to make the admission counselors want to accept you. I think only problem is your SAT but looks you did test-optional application which I think was an ok move. Hopefully you get in and me as well.

ECs look good, and your experience in homelessness will certainly strengthen your applications, as unfortunate as it may have been. Your GPA is a bit low but assuming your SAT is out of 1600, I think you have a great shot at any of these schools especially because of how unique you are as an applicant.

@counsela1019 My SAT is out a 2400 :frowning: But I didn’t submit it to Providence, Temple, CUA, & Marist, since they’re test optional. Thank you!

I think you have good chances. From the information that I had recieved during thier college visit, Temple’s Averages are

it also depends on what you applied for. The admissions person said that Nursing was the most popular/competitive major there. My friend has similar scores as us and was accepted as undeclared

I also applied to Temple & I have similar grades as you.
I applied to Drexel,Rutgers,Quinnipiac(Accepted),NJIT(Waitlisted),Hofstra,Wentworth IT, and William Paterson(Accepted)

State NJ
SAT-1420/1450 Super-scored(Didn’t send them)
AP Classes-Physics 1,Macroeconomics
Essays were good
Extracurriculars- FBLA,Environmental Club, French Club
Volunteering with Junior Achievement
Black, 1st Generation

Good Luck!