Chance me? Thank you!

<p>I am an asian female attending a nationally recognized and very small but competitive public school in SoCal (SMHS). I am currently an incoming Junior, (class of 2012) however, I would like to know where I would stand if I were submitted with the pool of applicants. </p>

<p>Interested majors: Economics, Mass Communications, Business, Psychology</p>

<p>My schools (in order):
1. Vanderbilt
2. USC
3. UChicago
4. UVA
5. NYU
6. UPenn
Safeties: Boston University, UMiami, UCSD</p>

<p>my unweighted gpa: 3.88
Weighted: 4.15 </p>

<p>SAT: writing: 700 Math: 730 reading: 690 Total: 2120</p>

<p>Honors/AP's: Environmental Science, Psychology, Statistics, U.S. History, German</p>

champion of Congress Debate in southern california (fresh),
6th place in southern california for Thematic Interp Speech (soph),
semi finalist in California State Championships for Speech (soph),
2nd place in district for interp (fresh and soph),
JV Champion of Interp (speech) in southern california (soph),
best performer in school's dance program (soph)
nominated Best Mock Trial Witness in district (soph)
2nd place in Children's International Art Exhibit (fresh)</p>

will be the Co-founder of my school's Gay Straight Alliance
Youngest person to open LA Fashion Week
Walked for the headliner of LA Fashion Week and many other designers including charity events
worked with Paul Mitchell and was the face of Li Cari
my advertisements have been published nationally and i have appeared on television internationally
volunteered in tibet for community service</p>

Speech and Debate (2 years, planning to do all 4 years)
Mock Trial (1 year, planning to do 3 years)
Dance (10 years)
Art (12 years)
Graphic Designing (2 years)
Modeling (1 year)</p>

<p>Others: first gen college student
Hook: my unique experiences as a runway model</p>

<p>Thank you!</p>