Chance Me. Thanks!

<p>Hey everyone. I've just finished sending the last of my applications. I have a bit of an inferiority complex, so I've been wanting to get an unbiased opinion of my chances at admission. I'd be really appreciative of anyone who could give the following a quick glance:</p>

[<em>] SAT: 2390 (CR 800, Math 790, Writing 800) March 2011
[</em>] SAT IIs: 750 Literature, 800 Math II, 720 World History
[<em>] GPA: 96 / 100 Weighted
[</em>] Rank: School doesn't rank (more on this later)
[li] AP: World History - 5, English Literature - 5, U.S. History - 5, [/li]AB Calculus - 4</p>

<p>Regarding my course load, I've basically adhered to the strategy of taking every AP class available to me. I probably could've maximized my grades by taking easier classes, but at least course rigor shouldn't be a concern.
[<em>] Essays: Apparently excellent. I attended a few writing seminars hosted by previous high-level admissions officials, who basically walked me through the process. The teachers who've read my essays have also given universally positive feedback.
[</em>] Teacher Recs: These should be very good. I didn't get to read the essays sent in with the Common App, but both of the teachers in question have written outstanding letters for me in the past. I've only improved since then, so I'm reasonably confident in this aspect.
[<em>] Counselor Rec: Same as above.
[</em>] Hook (if any): I'm not sure if I have anything significant enough to be considered a "hook," so I'll just list some extracurriculars. </p>

<li>National Merit Semi-Finalist (PSAT was 236)</li>
<li>National Honor Society (pretty sure everyone's in this, lol)</li>
<li>Toastmasters International Advanced Communicator Bronze</li>
<li>JV Tennis Captain</li>
<li>Been playing the piano for 13 years. I placed 1st in Division X (Senior level) of the Dallas Solo Piano Competition during my sophomore year. </li>
<li>I also manage the gaming blog and accompanying YouTube channel at [url=<a href=""&gt;][/url&lt;/a&gt;]
[<em>] State or Country: Texas
[</em>] School Type: Public
[<em>] Ethnicity: Asian
[</em>] Gender: Male
[li] major strength/weakness: Weakness: GPA / Class Rank[/li][/ul]Other Factors: N/A</li>

<p>What I'm really worried about is my class rank, or lack thereof. My school technically doesn't report rank, but I know for sure that I'm not in the top 10%. This is particularly troubling considering the absurdly high number of top-ranking students that apply to this kind of school. My ethnicity and relatively low GPA aren't helping matters, either. Is this a potential deal breaker regarding acceptance?</p>

<p>That's pretty much it. I tried to keep things concise to avoid boring you. Thanks for your time.</p>

<p>You have an excellent chance in my opinion, but with Cornell engineering for males, it's impossible to say whether you're in or not. Your stats are very similar to mine ;P</p>

<p>I'll say 60% chance ED. Your grades, rigor, SATs are all above average. I would go higher, but your 4 on Calc AB isn't exactly at Engineering's standard, since a 4 puts you I think below 80th percentile, and Engineering attracts only top math/science students. I can't comment on the class rank issue. Is class rank based on a weighted average? If so, then maybe you're in trouble and your high school has grade inflation. If not, I wouldn't worry.</p>