Chance Me? Thanks!

<p>California resident
private high school, does not rank
UC calculated GPA: 3.44
total UC score: 307
ACT: 28
SAT: (getting results back soon)</p>

<p>Track and Field, JV Freshman year, Varsity Soph, Junior, Senior year (i'm a junior)
Track and Field club team, various awards and ribbons
Piano and Guitar since 2nd grade
National Charity League, community service awards:
regular volunteer at farmer's market
regular volunteer at Burton Chill program
organized school wide donation of books for Books for Africa, over 1000 books donated
Guide Dogs of America volunteer
Motion Picture Hospital volunteer</p>

<p>summer study abroad: Oxford University (Medical science and photography courses)
(looking into summer course at UCLA)</p>

<p>Also, is it easier to get accepted as "undecided"? I have too many interests and can't narrow it down! Is there a major that is easier/more difficult to get in on?</p>


<p>sorry but i think your GPA is kind of low for UCI. work on bringing that up and u have a shot =) and i have no idea if its easier to get in undecided...but you shouldn't pick a major based on how easy u think it is to get in...pick what u really want to do =)</p>

<p>good luck!</p>

<p>what if my classes are very difficult? (i.e. AP English language, AP Physics, Honors Chemistry, etc?) Do they look at that very closely or how much more important is the actual number of the GPA?</p>

<p>I'd rate this as a slight reach because that GPA is on the low side. However your ACT is standard. What are your SAT II scores?</p>

<p>well u said 3.44 is ur UC gpa, meaning u already gave yourself the extra point for ur AP classes. this is the purpose of the recalculated UC gpa, to give credit to applicants like you who are taking hard classes, but if your gpa is 3.44 AFTER the recalculation, then yeah its a little low.</p>

<p>no way man your dunskies. Ded no joek. Id say All ucs 4 u islike reach. id try Harvard on the hill (ohlone) AKA uc ohlone for starters. on the other note good luck w/ your ripping strats.</p>

<p>Can't say man. I think it'll be a close one for them. </p>

<p>If you don't get accepted, you might be able to appeal. </p>

<p>Get good grades this sememester, and take the SAT 2's. If you get good on those, you might be able to push yourself up enough to where you have some peace of mind.</p>

<p>Deepfriedeggroll, De Anza > Ohlone ;D
But I know a ton of people who have gotten into Irvine with stats like that.</p>