Chance me - The President!

<p>Ever since the age of two, I've wanted to be a TV Meteorologist. I want to be the real deal...not a phony who speaks and has no clue what he or she is saying. </p>

<p>I have a 3.9 GPA
SAT scores are around a 1500. .....I took them earlier today and I'll be taking them again in December.
I applied for the Summer Session at UPark.
African-American & In-State (if that matters)</p>


<p>---Student Government
Representative & Vice President (Grade 11)
President (Grade 12)</p>

<p>--- Drama Department
12 Drama Performances
Morning Announcer for the School</p>

<p>---Technology Club
---Jr. High Mentor
---Select Choir
---Received Philadelphia’s Mayor’s VIP Award for Most Involved
---Member of Philadelphia’s NBC10 H.O.P.E.S. Weather Class (Grade 9-11)
---Forecaster & Authentic Weather Coordinator for Foot’s Forecast (Grade 10-12)
---Member of Learning Works Foundation (Grade 11-12)
---Student of New York City Summer Weather Camp (Grade 10)
---Assistant Teacher of New York City Summer Weather Camp (Grade 11)</p>

<p>---Church Activities
Usher (Grade 9-present)
Vacation Bible School Leader (Grade 9 & 10)</p>

Child Actor (commercial, billboard, newspapers, online ads, etc.)
Sales Associate for Aeropostale, then American Eagle Outfitters
IT Assistant
After School Care Counselor for kids age 3-12
and I was a manager for Chick-fil-A</p>

<p>The activities list is long, but the low SAT scores are what worry me. I know it is slightly easier to gain acceptance into the summer session, but do you think I'll be accepted into main campus? I've dreamed of this for years! </p>

<p>Thank you for your patience and kindness in "chancing me" for PSU Summer session for UPark! </p>