chance me - tired of waiting already!

<p>i'm a senior from NY. i got into a few schools already but i'm waiting to hear from:
Brown (deferred ED) - sent in supplementary essay and recommendation
Cornell (HumEc)
Emory (legacy)

<p>GPA UW: 3.936
GPA W: 4.174
no ranking, but probably top 5-10%
SAT I: 720V, 720M, 680W (1440/1600 or 2120/2400)
SAT II: 740 Bio M, 700 Math IC
ACT: 32</p>

<p>AP scores: bio 5, us history 5, lang&comp 3, euro 3
(ap scholar with honor award)
senior year ap's: spanish, government, physics, and AB calc</p>

<p>essay: pretty clever. i'm a very good writer
recommendations: probably awesome but i didn't see them
hook: none...just a boring caucasian
ECs: pretty standard but not bad...most i've been very steady with since 9th grade
- peer tutoring club president
- relay for life captain
- pen-pal for 10+ years
- volunteer for various local organizations (200+ hours)
- religious activities
- key club
Honors: national honor society, language honor society, numerous achievement awards for specific classes, photography competition best in show, etc.</p>

<p>i'm just pretty bored and can't stand the wait...let me know your thought. thanks! :-)</p>

<p>ECs are decent but not amazing. I'd say you're in for Emory and Wesleyan, maybe Tufts. Not sure about Cornell or Brown though.</p>

<p>thanks for the response. waiting is the worst part of the apps!!!!!
anyone else want to add their thoughts...pretty please?</p>



<p>cornell and brown are probably reaches; emory is basically a lock; you have a decent shot at tufts and wesleyan.</p>

<p>have you heard from wes yet, by the way? i got a decision from them today, way out in utah. check the mail. </p>

<p>best of luck!</p>

<p>no i haven't, but i've seen from the wes threads that lots of people out west have been hearing. my gc called today and they claim that they haven't sent out ANY letters yet to anybody...strange. maybe they meant just in my area though.</p>

<p>bumpppppp please anyone? i'm going crazy waiting!!</p>