Chance Me to American University, Chapman, and some UCs!! (Junior Transfer)

<p>Gender: Male
Race: White
Location: Los Angeles
Major: Sociology
Projected Transfer GPA: 3.55 with IGETC
Current GPA: 3.4
Languages: English, Spanish, Hebrew
Schools Applied to: American University, Syracuse University, Chapman University, UCSB, UCI, UCSC, CSUF, Cal Poly SLO, UCR, and CSULB.
Credits in progress: 22. I am unsure if this is relevant, but I know that some UCs like UC Santa Cruz take into account the course load. I took 20 credits last semester and received a 4.0, so I'm hoping that this isn't a life or death situation in regards to my application.</p>

<p>Notes: I am in the process of completing my math and foreign language requirement this semester before transfer. Anyone know whether this is a huge factor in regards to admission decisions?</p>

<p>Essays: Excellent, in my not-so-modest opinion. I know how to write and have had some really profound experiences that I felt were pertinent to the Common App and UC transfer essays.</p>

<p>Extracurricular activities:
- AYSO volunteer soccer coach.
- I have worked over 20 hours a week every week since I turned 16.
- 10 years of guitar, piano, bass. I provide free music instruction and recording to musicians without the financial means to pursue these services themselves.
- Silver medal in college-wide speech contest.
- Sociology Club. I have worked charity drives and done volunteer work as a result of my affiliation with the club.
- Jazz Band</p>

<p>I know someone who got into American with like a 2 point something GPA......So you should be fine!</p>

<p>Thanks! Have any knowledge in regards to the UCs or Syracuse? I'd appreciate it. Thanks.</p>

<p>Yes You have a great chance at UCS. Don't look here. Just go to the freshman profiles and predict. People here can be rude and hurtful, lol.</p>