Chance Me to Cornell CALS AEM (Fall External Transfer RD)

Hi everyone, please chance me to get into Cornell’s CALS AEM.
PS : I’m an international student. Will that hurt me? lol

HS GPA : 3.8
Community College GPA : 3.81 (should go out with a 3.83-3.84)
SAT : None Taken
Toefl : Taking soon
Previous IELTS score : 7.5

ECs :
-VP Finance of UNICEF, then became the Primary VP after a year.
-Marketing Director at the student government. Increased membership by 3 folds in two weeks, and 4 folds by the next semester. (Biggest in over 3 years)
-Finance Director at the Investment Club
-Tons of Volunteering, hosting concert for foster kids, halloween party, poolside party.
-Fundraised for over $1300 in a year.
-Had my own business, donated all my profits back to some orphanages. It was a pretty good business.
-Working virtually in my dad’s shipping company. Improvised their CSR program, changed the way management work, currently overseeing the new contingency plan.
-Interned in a heavy machinery company. Didn’t really do anything besides putting all the survey stats up to excel and deducing the conclusion out of it.
-Phi Beta Lambda Nationals, 2 years in a row, placed in the top ten for every category I joined.
-Phi Beta Lambda States, 2 years in a row, placed top 5 in every category.
-Honor Society for getting a high GPA.
-Went to some remote village ever since I was in middle school as a volunteer.
-Tutored Mathematics to a disabled, middle aged woman

Financial Aid Asked : None

Prof Recommendation : probably one from my Business professor and one from either my Mathematics (top 6% in my Calculus II class) or my English teacher (probably top 5% in the class as well) or maybe from the Dean of the Business Department.

Others :
Race : Asian
Gender : F
Income bracket : ($800,000 - $1,000,000)
Hook : First generation college, came from a SEA country, um, no Financial Aid asked. Have a lot of community service stuffs that is done in a business way.

I am not very familiar with business at Cornell and exactly how full that major is.
You have wonderful ECs, your recs will probably be fantastic, and transfer students have a fairly high acceptance rate, comparably. Despite this, I don’t know your scores for any standardized testing and your GPA isn’t very noteworthy. However, your ECs are so good they may push you through. They really are amazing

Probably high match/ low reach

I’m not going to take SAT, but my TOEFL test is probably going to be in the 105-115 range. My IELTS has expired so I’m not going to be able to submit that in. :frowning:
I’m sorry, but what do you mean by high match and low reach? Like, I have a match for Cornell, but I probably won’t get in?

since I can’t edit my posts here, can you guys chance me in my new thread? Thanks!!