Chance me to UCSD, UCI, and UCD plz...

<p>UC GPA : I have 3.45
SAT I:2200
SAT II: Math IIC( taking it this saturday) expecting 750
Biology (taking it this saturday) expecting 650 at least..
US history( taking it this saturday) expecting 700 at least
Soccer 3yrs
library volunteer work over 100+ hours
Key Club 10-11
FBLA 9-11
Debate club 10-11
Earth Club ( president for 11th grade and 12 th grade)
NYLSC camp
Hospital volunteer( will be doing it during summer)
Library summer reading program(summer)
L.A. Bethel presbytarian church Medical volunteer</p>

<p>Total community service hours: 150+hrs</p>

<p>Do I have any chance of getting into UCSD? because UCSD is my dream school...
tell me if I need to improve on any EC or SAT... since GPA is done...</p>

<p>you are definitely kidding aren't you? UCB and UCLA could be your MATCH! are a Californian</p>

<p>^ I wouldn't go so far as to say Berkeley and UCLA are matches. The OP's UC GPA is low for both of those schools, and even though he/she has solid ECs, they're a little scattered and only several show leadership/long-term commitment.
That said, I think you have a great chance at UCSD. As long as you achieve your expected SAT II scores, you should be good to go.</p>

<p>Dawncomingis incorrect. Given the UC GPA, these schools are all reaches and there would be no chance at Cal and LA.</p>

<p>These schools rely heavily on formulas, the higher the SAT, the more it can do to balance the very low GPA. So work on scores and write a great personal statement.</p>

<p>I just want to say that, with a 2200 on SAT if he is instate he really has some chance of getting into Cal and LA. though I quite agree that the UC GPA is kind of...well, not helpful for application. Sometimes I think people on CC under-estimate each other too much...In fact I think his stats are better than mine in a way.</p>

<p>The average UC GPA for UCI and UCD is a 4.0. For Cal and LA a 4.2. Your stats are irrelevant. These are schools using a formulaic aapproch and the OP has a major problem given it, so dealing in fact is probably the best approach.</p>

<p>Redroses is right, the average UC GPA for UCD and UCI is 4.0 and UCB and UCLA about 4.2 so even though your SAT scores are great, idk if that'll be enough to compensate for your GPA. i'd call them low reaches, because i'm not sure how they're going to deal with your GPA vs test scores.</p>

<p>can you explain your grades? If you can then you should be fine for uci and davis. The other posters say they're reaches, but if you can somehow explain your situation for your grades you have a significantly better shot. I agree with chandlerbing92, they might not deal with them well if unexplained. UCSD is a reach, sadly. You should definitely talk about one certain ec and be passionate about it. and if you've by any chance had to struggle, talk about that. My college counselor told me that if you have a rough background, they'll take you over another applicant who has similar, or slightly higher, stats. But right now all you have is your essays to help you, so you better make them good if you want a shot at UCSD. But I had solid ec's, a 26 act, and a 3.7 and got into ucsd(although i didn't really want to go). I strongly think it was my essays that got me in. So yeah, get off cc and start writing your essay! Do it throughout the summer, and have it corrected by several teachers from september to october.
good luck =)</p>

<p>What you counselor seems to have been trying to explain, is that if you come from a disadvantaged background, some UCs will let you in with lower stats. I don't think she meant that you can just explain away any grades.</p>

<p>Pretty good SAT but your GPA couldve been better!</p>

<p>but yeahh I agree with the others. Teacher Recs, and personal statement must be outstanding =] i'm sure you can do it</p>

<p>oh I took
World history H
Spanish 1</p>

Biology H
Spanish 2
Algebra 2 H
AP European History
English 10 Cp</p>

AP lang&comp
AP United states history
Chemistry H
Pre calc/trig H
Spanish 3 H
photo 1</p>

<p>UCI & UCD definitely:) not rlly UCLA or UC Berkeley but it doesn't hurt to try:)</p>

<p>I dont see any problem with UCI and UCD though you could take some CC classes during summer to help boost up ur GPA and at least give u more A-G courses :) for UCSD point system. If summer full, register some online CC classes thats related to ur major of interest in the fall :) but it wont count for ur GPA but STILL A-G courses. I did that and I got in to all the UCs (with exception of UCLA and UCSB which I had to appeal to get in) except UCD <em><.<</em> with like way less EC <em>mostly independent job experience</em> a lil higher gpa (3.52) and a lower SAT I(2120) (No I'm not trolling -.-) and pulled off a 3.83 W GPA in senior year 1st semester with no C :). Though I'm probably VERY VERY lucky, so maybe i'm not the best example to follow -.-. Retake ur SAT II if you want :P and I guess SAT I if you think u can do better, but it's sufficient enough :D. </p>

<p>I definitely recommend u take some sort of CC class this summer if you want to improve ur GPA(YES IT COUNTS SINCE ITS B4 SUMMER), but also give u more A-G classes :D so you look more dedicated to academic since that seems to be the weak part in ur stats. If not take it during senior year so you look like ur dedicated to studying even though its senior year >.<. Yes I like repeating myself :D</p>

<p>Where can I find Online CC class??? Can you plz tell me?? =((</p>

<p>go to your local community college or look on their website =]</p>

<p>Nice SATs.