chance me too!!

<p>OOS Male
Major: ChemE

<p>GPA - Unweighted: 4.00</p>

<p>GPA - Weighted: 4.6
Class Rank: 1, Valedictorian
Class Size: 361
Senior Year Course Load: AP Physics, APCS, AP Lit, German 5, Research and Dev, Linear Algebra</p>


<p>SAT I Math: 710
SAT I Critical Reading: 680
SAT I Writing: 630
SAT II Chem: 710
SAT II Math Level 2 (IIC): 760
AP- Calculus AB/USH/Stats/Gov 4, Chem/Lang -3</p>


<p>Significant Extracurriculars:
President of NHS chapter
Varsity tennis
President of FRC/FTC teams
President of Science olympiad/Science bowl
President of German Club
JV soccer
Badminton state champ

<p>Leadership positions;

<p>Athletic Status - list sport and your level:
Varsity tennis
JV Soccer
State champ for badminton</p>

<p>Volunteer/Service Work:
FLL volunteer
Library volunteer
Food bank volunteer
After school STEM
Tutoring at my school</p>

Founding a tutoring program for math and sci
Intern/Researcher at Health Dept
Soccer Referee </p>

<p>Honors and Awards:
National Honor Society,
lots of in school awards
Rotary Student of the Month</p>

<p>College Summer programs:
CC Multivariate Calc
CC Sums and Series Calc</p>

<p>Very good grades and rank. The SAT II scores are decent, but the SAT I scores are a little low, unless you are an underrepresented minority. ECs are very strong. Depending on your ethnicity, you could have a good chance.</p>