Chance Me! Transfer for Fall 2011


<p>Ok, So I am currently at Blinn College and I want to transfer to UT-Austin college of liberal arts next fall but there are some factors that are holding me back from applying. I will have somewhere between a 3.18-3.25 gpa with 40 hours of transferable credit after this fall semester. But I am in phi theta kappa honor society and I am a recipient of a national scholarship sponsored by Nestle and I will have some letters of rec from some very important people in the education field at Blinn College. I think that I might get denied by UT when i apply for the fall of "11" but hopefully I can appeal. I can get my gpa between a 3.37-3.41 with 56 hours after the spring semester. Should I just apply once I can get my gpa to a 3.4-3.5? I will have 65 hours of transferable credit if i do wait and just finish my transferable classes. And I will apply again for the Spring "12". Please Help! It is my dream to be a longhorn!! I am studying ethnic studies which is the school of Liberal Arts.</p>

<p>You can apply now and send your spring semester grades when you get it. That way, you can enter the Fall 2011 class. 3.4 gives you a good shot, but 3.5 almost guarantees you.</p>