Chance Me: Transfer from NYU to UChicago, others

See title.
I’m also applying to a few ivies (Brown, Columbia, Yale), Duke, Stanford, MIT, Johns Hopkins, and Tufts. Accepted to UChicago, Tufts as a high school senior. Waitlisted at Brown (also waitlisted at UPenn and Harvard, if that helps give some context). Rejected from Columbia and Yale. Didn’t apply to Duke, Stanford, MIT, or JHU.

I know my list is very top heavy. Disclaimer: I have a named full scholarship at NYU so transferring to a lower-caliber school is not worth it for me.

Reasons for transfer: (I’m a freshman in the class of 2024.) I can’t double major in bioengineering and economics at NYU. This is the biggest one. I want more of a campus, and without overcomplicating an explanation, I don’t feel that NYU is a good fit for me.

HS GPA: 93/100 UW, 4.4-ish W; 8 AP classes, 3 post-AP classes
ACT: 36 superscore, 35 single-sitting
College GPA: 3.857/4.000, maximum course load
No SAT II tests.

I have decent extracurriculars – they’re not out of this world, but I have significant leadership, lots of state-level awards, some national recognition. Mainly centered around public speaking/journalism, STEM outreach, research, and visual art. Submitting a portfolio as a supplement.

Both of my parents have significant disabilities, and I took care of them during high school and for the first semester of college. 20+ hr time commitment/week. Has had a significant impact on my GPA.

I think my recommendations will be quite good – I’m planning on asking a research mentor, a TA from one of my classes this fall, and my seminar professor next semester.

I’d really appreciate any honest feedback about what you all think my chances are. I know the transfer acceptance rates for all these schools are quite low, but I know I’ll regret it if I don’t shoot my shot. Also – cost has been discussed with my parents and is not an issue (covered by scholarships/work/small loan/parents).