Chance me? Transfer student

I am hoping to transfer from UMass Amherst to a medium or large-sized university in the Northeast. Some schools on my list include BC, BU, and Northeastern. I currently have a 3.9 GPA after 2 semesters at UMass. However, my high school gpa is less than stellar with about a 3.2 gpa (solid 3.8 gpa my senior year) from a well respected high school. My SAT from high school is 1350. I’m an English major with some ec involvement in literary magazines. What are my chances at these institutions? And if anyone could recommend some other colleges that I could look into, that would also be appreciated. Thank you!

What is your budget?

Why do you want to transfer away from U.Mass Amherst? Are you in-state?

As an English major, I would not take on debt to go elsewhere. You are already at a very good university.

In terms of your chances, I think that having a good senior year of high school plus a good year at U.Mass will help you. That is two years in a row of doing very well. I think that it is worth the applications but I do not have much experience with transferring.

Thank you so much for your response. I’m an in-state student and unfortunately, I’m low-income too. I want to transfer because I don’t feel challenged and frankly, the party culture is extremely toxic. I’ve always wanted to study in the city (BU was my dream school- I was rejected my senior year), but I know the chances of BU actually giving me enough financial aid is very low, especially as a transfer student. I also feel like being in the city could open up more opportunities for internships.

In terms of transferring, there are of course two issues. The minor one is getting accepted. The significant one is getting enough financial aid to make it affordable.

There is certainly no harm in applying. You will see the financial packages that they offer before you need to make a decision.

I would expect the party culture to get better as you get into upper year classes and upper year living situations. The heavy partiers will either end up leaving, or get their act together and start putting more effort into studying.

That GPA is wonderful. Keep up the great work. The transfer deadlines for most colleges have already passed. You might have to wait until Spring 2021 or Fall 2021.

The financial aid is indeed a lot less for transfers. Make sure you factor that into your decision.