Chance me Trinity College and Purdue

demographics: 3rd generation female Korean-American.

intended major: neuroscience


unweighted: 3.95/4.0

weighted: 4.87

rank: 6/720


Took all honors and AP classes since freshman year except for yoga in freshman year.

AP COURSES:Past: World History, Biology, Chemistry, Calculus BC, Language & Composition, Spanish, Economics, Literature & Composition, Government

HONORS COURSES: English (freshman and sophomore), Algebra 2, Finite Math/Brief Calc, Biology 1-2, Chemistry, Spanish 3-4, Spanish 5-6, Concert Strings, American History, Symphony, Calculus 3, Differential Equations, Spanish 9-10, Organic Chemistry, Advanced Studies

test scores:

not superscored - 1360 (600 reading 760 math) [should I submit test scores???]


math competition: scored within the top 10 in school

in national honors society, spanish honors society, science national honors society, and rho kappa

extracurriculars: (nothing extraordinary and very much average)

cello: play in an outside and school orchestra; was invited to play at carnegie hall, but it was cancelled due to covid

church child care volunteering: I entertain and care for the babies and toddlers while their parents attend church service.

peer tutoring: I have 140+ hours of volunteering to help students with test prep, homework, time management and organization in math, science and Spanish.

key club (representative): I encourage people to join the blood drive and other events by advertising on school boards and answering questions before, during and after school.

diversity assembly outreach coordinator: I compile questions and ask them to the students regarding diversity and informing them about the diversity at our school.

brain research project: currently doing a research project about neurodegenerative diseases

Yes to both = you may go TO at Trinity but you’ll get in either way.

Okay thanks! I also don’t suppose I might also have a possible chance at UMich?

Have you applied already or are you talking about applying to Trinity, Purdue, and Mich RD?

These will all be challenging RD admits, U Mich with the lowest chance (unless you live in MI).

Why are you looking to add schools late in the process? Do you have any acceptances yet?

I do have acceptances. This is for regular decision. I am not just adding these schools, I already have had these added to my list for a while now. I am almost ready to submit them. I was just wondering now what my chances would be.

You will get into Purdue without any question.

Are you in-state for either Purdue or Michigan?

Look at the Purdue Data Digest, here,, under “Applications, Admits, and Matriculations” and “New First-Time Beginner Profile”, to get some perspective as to how you compare with other entering students at Purdue; and look at Sections C7 and C9-C11 of Michigan’s Common Data Set, as well.

I live out of state in Arizona

Go to U of A and join the Honors College.