Chance me - Tufts class of 2026

Hi everyone! I am a rising senior from Northern New Jersey possibly applying ED. I just visited and I LOVE it!

I plan to major in either Political Science or American Studies and possibly minor in Theater.

Gender: Female
Race: White

GPA (weighted): 4.4
Unweighted: 3.65
School does not rank
Member of National Honors Society
Planning to be initiated into French Honors Society and complete my Seal of Biliteracy in French and English in the fall, will hopefully be initiated into International Thespian Society (I am eligible but my school has to decide to hold an induction ceremony)

ACT: 34 (never took SAT)
Math: 33
English: 36
Reading: 34
Science: 31

9th Grade: Honors Geometry, Honors French II, Honors English I, Honors Biology, Honors World History I, Journalism I
10th Grade: Honors Algebra II with Trig, Honors French III, Honors English II, Honors Chemistry, Honors US History I, Financial Literacy, Public Speaking
11th Grade: Honors Pre-calculus, Honors French IV, AP Lang, Honors Physics, AP US History II, Studio Art I (AP scores have not come in yet)
12th Grade (will be taking): Dual Enrollment Calculus, AP French, Honors Dual Enrollment Literature of the Holocaust, Honors Dual Enrollment Psychology, AP Government/Dual Enrollment Public Policy, Honors Advanced Journalism and Media

ECs (in-school):

  • Theater (9-12)
  • Gay Straight Alliance (9-12, community outreach leader in 11, will hold leadership position in 12)
  • Trailblazer Newspaper (9-12, In-Depth Section Editor in 10, College Corner Section Editor in 11, TV show anchor in 11, Co-Editor-In-Chief in 12)
  • Teens Against Cancer (9)
  • Powerback Club (9, was certified as leader)
  • Female Empowerment Club (9, club was discontinued after that year)
  • Model UN (9, 11)

EC’s (out of school)

  • 13 years of dance training


  • founded the official Diversity and Inclusion Committee for my town

  • through this, I worked very closely with the Mayor and Council, County Commissioners, and State Assembly members, spoke at many council meetings, led initiatives including increasing Census returns, Diwali Celebration, Black History Month Celebration

  • My biggest achievement through this committee was organizing our town’s first ever Pride event in June, which was attended by over 200 people!

  • member of the committee’s public relations sub-committee, which involves doing promotion for our events including writing press releases and making promotional flyers

  • I have worked for the Recreation Department of my town as both a virtual stage manager/assistant director for their virtual youth theater program (2020) and as an Assistant Camp Counselor (2019)

  • I volunteered as a classroom assistant at my dance studio for 3 years but stopped due to Covid

  • I have volunteered on multiple political campaigns both local (canvassing door to door) and national (phone and text banking for March For Our Lives and the Biden campaign)

  • I am planning on volunteering for a county level or equivalent political campaign this summer

  • I currently have a job at CVS


  • Helen Hayes Youth Theater Nomination for Outstanding Featured Ensemble Member for my role as Hunyak in Chicago (2019)
  • Outstanding Delegate, for representing the country of the Democratic Republic of the Congo in UNODC at VIMUN-7 (2021)

My common app essay is about the isolation I felt by my small town by being a member of the LGBTQ+ community and how forming the Diversity and Inclusion Committee allowed myself to not only create a community for myself but for other underrepresented members of the town as well.

Did you get in!

Chance DD 22Tufts RD.
DD22 applied RD to Tufts. White .
1540 SAT( 790 math 750 English), gpa 4.0 unweighted, 4.46 wt , 8 APs 4/5 s ( chem, bio, calc AB, BC, lit , English , history , stats ) . Intro to Psych class during summer at community College. President of NHC and science NHC at school , ham radio license , Harvard book club recipient , French language state competition . Private school, does not rank , but she is in the top 3 by GPA, class of 200. Strong letters of recommendations we think , strong essay.
Multiple clubs , addiction clinic internship and volunteering hours . Published research paper in scientific journal , high school edition - faculty reviewed . Interested major bio psychology.
No need based aid requested. We do leave in New England , but not in MA.
So far accepted to 3 “ safety schools “ , all honors programs .

good luck , you look like a promising canddate for Tufts. Did you get in?