Chance Me Tufts ED II

Hello, I am currently a junior (Asian Male) in a relatively well off and competitive high school in NJ.
Premed path
Will likely apply ED II.
Tufts is my first choice school

GPA: 4.56/5(Weighted), 3.91/4 (UW)- Top 10% in my class.
Sophomore year course load (only 2 AP offered): Honors US History I, Honors Algebra II, Honors Chemistry, Honors Spanish, Honors research class, Honors english.
Junior year course load (4 AP offered): AP Chem, AP Physics I, APUSH II, AP Lang, Honors Spanish, Honors Precalculus, Honors research.
Senior Year Load: AP Spanish Language, AP Literature, AP Physics C EM, AP Calc BC, AP World History, AP Bio, AP Art History
SAT: 1530 (790 M, 750 R/W)-- Superscored (1520 is highest individual). Plan on taking ACT, shooting for 35-36.
Subject Tests: 780 Chemistry, Taking Math II(hoping for 800) in May, Biology 800
ECS: Co-Captain of SciOly team, varsity tennis, NHS, 2nd Place DECA in NJ for marketing category,
2 Published papers in notable medical journals of my own research
Have around 150 hours of Volunteer hours relating to major
Awards: 3rd place at a science fair in research class.
Have 2 more scientific publications.

Other Colleges I am Looking At:
Safety: UPitt
Targets: Northeastern, BU, NYU, BC, UNC Chapel Hill
Reaches: Penn EDI, Hopkins, Dartmouth, Columbia, WashU, Carnegie Mellon, Duke

Do I have a realistic shot, or is it better off to EDII elsewhere.

On paper you have a really good chance. What it all comes down to at this point (now that you have the scores) is your essays and the interview (if you get one). Tufts looks for certain traits in people- I suggest reading supplements that Tufts posted on their website to get a feel. Are you sure about ED II? I thought the ED II date already passed?

First off-- thank you for responding. And to answer your question, ED II next year, I am a junior currently. Tufts has that more academic kind of people and campus, which is exactly what I want in a university. I will look at the supplements as well.

First, there’s a disconnect between your statement that Tufts is your first choice school and applying ED II, which suggests otherwise.
Second, your curriculum looks great, as do your numbers thus far, but your actual GPA at the end of junior year (and your first grading period senior year), are what matter.
Finally, it goes without saying that your essays and recs are very important (interview, which is optional, is NOT).
You’ll be a strong applicant. Good luck!

I got in to Tufts EDII. I think you have a really good shot. On paper, you’re a stronger applicant than I was. I think my essays (and interview if it matters at all) got me in: I really leaned in to what makes me weird and why I thought Tufts was the only place that would embrace that. Good luck!

I got in EDII this year and also went to a competitive NJ high school, and you have stronger scores/GPA/courseload/ECs than I did—I think admissions at Tufts, like at most of its peer institutions, comes down to your essays (I remember them heavily emphasizing the Why Tufts essay when I visited). I genuinely think my supplement was what made my application stand out!! Best of luck and I hope to see you on campus!

Thank you so much. Do you think I can still write a very solid Why Tufts essay if I cannot visit the institution due to the current circumstances? Was planning on visiting it but obviously they canceled.

I don’t understand why you are targeting EDII for Tufts if it’s your first choice school…are you intending to apply EDI elsewhere?

Hi, yes, I am. UPenn is where I plan on applying EDI. I decided that although I really love Tufts and it is my first choice, I can still apply to my second choice ED, which I am perfectly happy if I get accepted, and also Tufts ED.

@Mwfan1921 ^

@classof2020nj Sorry, I replied to your comment about Why Tufts and forgot to tag you. By the way, congrats on Tufts.
^^Reading these essays and visiting Tufts’ youtube channel that also features past essays really helps you understand what they’re looking for. I know tons of students that got in EDII without visiting the campus (you just have to make sure that your essays show that despite having never seen the campus, you looked at their websites and really researched the school). Try to visit though (not even for the essays but to see if you would enjoy being there)! To show your interest, sign up for their mailing list and meet the rep if they come to your school!

If you can visit before you write your Why Tufts? essay, that would be helpful, and I expect you will be able to visit before your application is due.

Did you finally apply or not? Also what happened with Penn?