Chance me Tufts ED2 2025 please?

Hi! I would be so grateful if somebody could chance me for Tufts ED2. I’m getting so nervous and frankly obsessed with college lol.

3.9 UW, 4.2 W GPA for fresh-junior years. (My school calculates on 100 point scale, so its technically a 94.21.

Senior year GPA so far is a 96.8 - 97 ish, so that shows an upward trend I think.

Didn’t submit SAT/ACT

6 APs total - APUSH and AP Lang (5) junior year, and AP Stats, AP Spanish, AP Euro, and AP Gov senior year.

Almost all other honors classes except classes which didn’t have an honors option

4 years of soccer as a goalkeeper(2 JV, 2 V)
Club soccer for 2 local premier teams (FSA FC and AJAX)
Founder and president of Jewish Student Union - spreads awareness of Jewish culture and issues and works to promote religious tolerance and unity in our school
President of Spanish National Honor Society
Stage Manager for Theater Department
Viola for 10 years - Section Leader for viola section of my school’s most exclusive orchestra (had to audition to get in)
100+ volunteer hours at local organization Gifts of Love
200+ volunteer hours as unpaid camp counselor
Sales Associate job at American Eagle Outfitters
Member of Social Justice Club

NHS, SNHS, First Honor Roll every semester, Coaches Award for Performance and Leadership (for soccer my junior year)

Personal essay: very strong. Wrote about starting Jewish Student Union and having to create my own representation in my community using my own voice.
Why Tufts: strong. Well written, wrote about my passion for learning Spanish and how the Spanish Department would be a perfect fit for me.
Other supplemental: very strong. Wrote about my family dinner table is my home and how it has shaped my perspectives. Not the most interesting topic but well written and very punchy/lots of jokes
LOR 1: VERY strong. From APUSH teacher who my family and I got close with. She wrote that I am the best student she’s ever had at a specific historical skill
LOR 2: should be strong-very strong. I had her as a Spanish teacher for 2 years straight and now I am the President of SNHS, which she is the advisor for.
Counselor rec: should be good. Don’t know her that well but she likes me.

Applied for political science major but may switch to political science and Spanish double major.

Thank you so much!

Hey there walnutz - Ok, so let’s start with GPA and SAT/ACT: There are going to be applicants with 8,10+ APs. With 6, I’d want to understand if you took the most challenging courses available at your high school (my son will ‘only’ have 7)? I think weighted GPAs closer to 4.5 might be more in-line but every HS is different and Tufts will recalculate to suit their needs and based on your HS profile. (If you were interested in sciences, it may have been easier to do more APs but I don’t think you should do APs just for the sake of APs). Does your school offer Naviance or similar to show where students were accepted and their GPA vs. yours? It’s not the best metric, but it’s a start. The very good news is that you are ending up with a good AP load senior year and have excellent grades. That is a perfect projection to be heading off to college. A SAT/ACT could have supported your track record, but I do believe schools are viewing them as truly optional, so I

ECs: You got a lot going on but see some good commonality with soccer, JSU and SJ club, and your performing arts. In each you not only joined up, you were in senior/leadership roles. Especially good to see you be a founder of a new organization as well as in leadership in Spanish for which you are interested in pursuing. One thing we know about Tufts is that they are big on their foreign language. I’ve no idea how hard admission is in to a language, but I like the fact that it is a core part of the Tufts experience.

Essays: Sounds good to me. They need to be highly personable and demonstrate that you’ve thought of how you and Tufts are a fit.

Demonstrated Interest: Remind me: Did you have a change to visit, attend an online session, request an interview, reach out to admissions on any questions, etc. etc.? By itself ED2 shows a ton of interest and commitment, but I’m guess even then maybe only 1/3 of ED/ED2 applicants are accepted, so by itself it’s no guarantee.

Hooks: Got any? BIPOC, first-gen, legacy, athlete, etc? Our family doesn’t and that’s OK :slight_smile:

Lastly: I do think having interests like soccer, theater, and viola are huge in that you are brining something to school than just being another student in a classroom who doesn’t add to the community. What you get out of college is so much more than just classes and what you have to offer is also much more than classes; don’t be shy about informing schools of that. Overall, you are no doubt a good candidate and we just have to see if Tufts determines that the ‘fit’ is there. Fingers crossed and best wishes to you!

Hey!! Thanks so much for replying to this!! I can definitely clear up some things and answer some of your questions.

As far as APs go, unfortunately I think I took all of the APs that my school offers that coincide with my academic interests. I took every AP History that my school offers, 1 of 2 of the AP English that they offer, and the only AP Language course that is offered (other than AP French of course), along with AP Stats. Other than those classes, the only APs my school offers are STEM related (sciences, math, economics, etc.). Sadly they don’t offer classes like AP World History, or AP Human Geography, both of which I wish I could have taken.

As far as Demonstrated Interest, I did officially tour Tufts at the beginning of my junior year, way before the pandemic. I also have done at least 3 online sessions since then (including a virtual tour, a Q&A Session, and just a regular information session.) I unfortunately did not get the chance to request an interview as I missed the deadline.

I don’t believe that I have any hooks really. Only one that I can think of is that I’m Jewish, but I don’t know if that counts.

I’ve heard that about Tufts’ foreign language programs. That’s part of the reason I want to go there so badly - because they have a very good Spanish program and I either want to minor or double major in Spanish. That’s what I wrote my “Why Tufts” essay on, and I connected learning Spanish with the playful and academically curious environment that is notorious at Tufts, and why that program would be a match for me as a Spanish learner.

Thanks so much for your feedback - I really appreciate it! Good luck to you guys well!!!

did you get in?

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