Chance Me- Tufts Ed2

I applied ed2 and I was wondering what my chances are so I can manage my expectations
Schools Stuyvesant High School
Grades: 92.59/100 gpa, all my classes for the mid year report are 92-96 avgs with government being the lowest with an 88
SAT: 1540, 770 on each section
School Clubs: Leadership and co founder for Freshman AP Bio tutoring club
Extracurriculars included in app: Internship at a pediatric clinic, Volunteer for an HPV awareness campaign run by Columbia Medical School, Saltz intern at the museum of natural history, t4 tech intern for the brooklyn public library, John Jay Psych 101 college now, 1000 girls 1000 futures mentee run by the New York Academy of Sciences
Common app- my common app essay centers around how my grandfather getting diagnosed with alzheimers pushed me to research psychology / neurobiology to help my family understand the disease and help treat him and this fostered my desire to become a psychologist
Supp: why tufts supp talks about their clinical psych program, mentions specific research I wish to participate in with their neurobiology and child development labs, and how I love their clinical psych major and want to use it to give me a foundation for pursuing clinical psych for masters/phd.
Unique experience supp talks about how my own therapist violating Hippa, consequences of adolescents not trusting therapy, and how me learning that this is a common experience has pushed me to want to become an adolescent psychologist to ensure future generations receive better care

Forgot to add- I am south asian so the common app essay also includes details about the lack of awareness/education in Nepal about mental disorders which is another reason I had to help my family so much because my grandfather got treated in Nepal

I don’t know but my son got in ED1 with 1470 Sat, 3.85 UW GPA and fewer ECs (though the ones he has were unique and very genuine). Had moderate rigor. Good luck. Seems like a special place and that your would have plenty to add.