Chance Me Tufts RD 2025

Hi! I was hoping someone could chance me ?
1560 SAT
3.97 UW 5.27 Weighted GPA
~1000 Service Hours- mostly from programs I started for kids with special needs
13 APs
4 Years Cheer- Captain of JV 10th, Captain of V 12th
National Commended Scholar
Other ECs
Applied for Biopsychology, Cognitive Science, and Child Development

Would you help us better understand how gpa’s work in your school? The 5.27 weighted is making me question the 3.97.

Hello! I think of admissions as being a number of hoops to jump through and your GPA, classes, and SATs get you through the first hoop. From there your ECs sound like a great fit with your college interests - so that too helps to get through the next hoop. We know overall acceptance rate means only around 16 of 100 are admitted in the end. Maybe the first hoops weed out 50% of apps, so now it’s more like 16/50(?)

Now maybe they then look at essays and recommendations. I’m sure they want to judge ‘fit’ and whether you would accept an offer. Were your essays compelling? Did they jive with the recommendations? Did you show interest by taking a tour, info session, subscribe to email, etc.? If interviews were available did you try to secure one? Maybe by passing some of those it’s now odds are like 16/25. Are you a demographic they want/need to recruit? Did past apps from your HS accept offers and maybe if they attended did they do ok? Maybe those moves the needle to 16/20.

The challenge for RD is that, in the end, Tufts is looking to build a class - and they will have already laid down a foundation through ED1 and ED2. Maybe they got that kid from Idaho, found a tuba player, hit their target for first-generation students, etc… Now they start filling in the gaps and they have more apps and fewer spaces left to work with.

This is our first experience with colleges apps for our senior and I don’t claim to have any more great insight other than you’ll shine the most by being authentic, enthusiastic, well-researched, and unique. “Just keep being you”, right? Good luck with the app and fingers crossed for everyone.