Chance Me: Tulane, Fordham, George Washington

Hi all!
I’m an African American and Jewish high school senior, with the following scores:

-a GPA of 3.6 (weighted),

  • SAT score of 1210 (630 reading, 580 math)

I excel in English and social studies, having taken 5 AP classes in these subjects with either A’s or B’s. I’ve done the following extra curriculars :

  • varsity debate team all of high school with a few small awards, -I was accepted to a Georgetown summer debate seminar in 2017 on education policy
  • I do Model UN , Vice President -I have done a play and a musical at my school, -3 years on my schools varsity swim team and varsity water polo team. -This past summer I interned at a US congressman’s office through a pretty exclusive non profit -ended up helping organizing a pretty successful congressional black caucus scholarship award ceremony through said internship -worked for my temples Rabbi the past 2 summers.

I think I have generally strong extracurriculars that relate to my major, political science, but I am worried about my GPA and SAT. With this information, does anyone have an idea of my chances getting into Tulane, George Washington University, and Fordham?

Nice credentials. For starters, we will need to know what state you live in.



For Tulane and GWU you will have to lay it on thick with interest. You do add some geographic and a good deal of ethnic diversity to all these institutions, but unfortunately college admissions have become so competitive recently that I would say that Tulane and GWU are high reaches and Fordham is a low reach. For Tulane, talk up your community service and how you would do more of that in ways unique to New Orleans. Attend all the information sessions. I would visit only if money is not a concern. On your app talk about interdisciplinary studies and possible undergraduate research. Also express an interest (if it’s sincere) in Tulane’s wonderful Junior Semester Abroad program. At the same time, I would look at some back-ups like UIUC, University of Denver (up and coming and strong in International Relations), Syracuse and American (also a low reach these days). Best of luck to you!