Chance me — UChicago

International Student (Russian, study in a French international school)

Applying UChicago ED I for a Maths Major

SAT: 1470 (670 English 800 Maths)
SAT II: Physics 800; Maths 800
IB: Predicted 41/45 (Glopo HL, Maths HL, Physics HL, Econ HL, English L&L SL, French B SL, Chemistry SL: 7 subjects in total, as I added Chemistry at the start of my senior)
Our school doesn’t have GPAs, Class Rankings, etc.


  • Four years of programming in BASH and C++. Largest project (Wrote my Common App essay on it): Started and led a machine learning group with coders from France, Germany, and Russia. Saved up some money and went with 2 of them to an AI Competition in Valencia, Spain, where we took the 1st place.
  • Internship at the Physics Institute of Nice. Electrical Engineering department.
  • Humanitarian Trip to Ghana for two weeks. Along with the distribution of aid on the funds we raised during the year and participation in local traditions, I led lessons in a local school regarding human rights & political activism.
  • MUN (2 international and two regional) as a delegate. Won best delegate awards which my teachers included in his letter of recommendation.
  • Organizing an international MUN in our school invited schools from Italy, UK, Spain, Frace, etc. I'll be the head Chair of the event, which again my teacher mentioned in his letter.
  • In preparation for this MUN, I was the President of a debate Club for two years, preparing Years 10/11 (30+ students) for the upcoming MUN, including the one in my school.
  • Maths and Physics Tutor: Age group goes from 8-year-old geniuses to 17-year-old students struggling with maths hwk.
  • Long-distance cycling (50km+): Saved some money from tutoring & bought a bike. Cycle at least 3-4 hours a week. Organizing a Tour-De-France in our school (450 km) for students & teachers. School counselor included this in her letter, too.
  • Summer before junior: A month of volunteering at a French Summer camp. Along with all the primary responsibilities, I took the chance to start a coding club, where I would introduce kids (10-12) to coding.
  • Summer before Senior: Volunteered in a church for a month, doing manual labor. I, myself, am an atheist, so talking with hardcore religious people was quite a unique experience, as you can imagine.
  • House Captain. Representing my house at the weekly meetings, organizing sports events for primary and secondary school. Think class president by for all classes.

Extra details:

  • No father :/
  • Need 100% financial aid cover.
  • Studies are in English, so no need for TOEFL or IELTS
  • Only started Chemistry SL this year and don't have any grades, yet. Applying soon and a bit worried as to how the whole thing is going to work.
  • Skipped last 3 classes in Maths. By the start of my sophomore, I was already done with Maths HL, which my teacher is going to mention

Saw on Crimsoneducation that UChicago has a 60% (!!!) acceptance rate for IB students (albeit US Nationals). What are my chances, people?

Your IB scores are wonderful, congrats. Your SAT scores are also good, but lower than the average for UChicago. Given that english is not your first language, they might overlook this. But UChicago is known for accepting students with high stats.

ED1 is indeed your best shot. Try to put time into your essays. Boring drivel can really kill your chances. Also submit the 2 minute video. You’d be surprised how many kids don’t do this. Its a great chance to make yourself stand out.

UChicago has great financial aid, and overall I think you have a good chance.

Keep us posted if you get accepted.

You da best! Will definitely look into the 2-minute video thing.

At the time of writing this post, I kind of just assumed what my SAT I and IB grades are going to be, but now I know them for sure. Don’t know if that gives me any significant boost:
SAT 1480 (790M and 690E)
And my IB predicted is actually a 43, not a 41