Chance me UCI,UCSB,UCD

You may have already seen this in Chance me thread, but i thought i could get more localized answers in the UC thread
Chinese Taiwanese
Fluent in chinese
moved to Cali the summer coming into junior year
Personality: I believe I’m smart, but I often get distracted.

UC’s i want: Irvine, Santa Barbara, Davis; pretty sure i can get into Merced and Riverside


SAT: 1970
Math: 680
Reading: 660
Writing: 630
(What would my chances be is this were a 2200?)
GPA: 3.6
WGPA: 3.8
UCGPA: 3.8
Taken 4AP classes so far
Hoping to take SAT Chinese and pass

Physics: A and B
Computer science: A and B
Human geo: B’s
AP TESTS: physics-3,comp sci-3,human geo- 4

Junior:( reason for only 1 ap was because I had to take required classes for the Cali system)
Chem: B first and second semester

Senior:( I know these dont count for gpa but I’m still taking them)

Volunteered at a 1st grade chinese class
Tutored an immigrant orphan during my summer from 2nd grade math to 7th grade
Going to Taiwan this summer to help teach kids English (will get paid)
Debate policy for 3 years( 2nd year sort of hiatus cuz my new school didn’t have debate)
Done ok in my debates, gone to Berkeley and gonzaga to debate
Joined JSA for my 2nd year hiatus from debate
Senior year I plan to reconstruct our debate club so that I can leave knowing that my school will have a active debate club
Played tennis for 2 years, 1 year varsity tennis

My GPA is set in stone, not much i can do about it. All i can work on is my SAT and EC’s. Please tell me what to doooo, i’ve seen so many other admit stories and it looks like i have no chance at all

I think you’ll make it into UCSB, UCSC, UCR and UCM,

The others are unlikely, even with an improved SAT.

Good luck

Here these might be helpful to you:

For UCI and UCD you need a 4.0+ UC GPA in order to be competetive. You can get into any other UC on your list.

Low chance at the mid-tier schools because of below average GPA, and a low amount of competitive AP courses.