Chance Me! UConn Class of 2024

1430 SAT (670 writing, 760 math)
110 TOEFL (international student so had to submit that as well)
7 honors and APs
3.1UW 3.4W (had really bad freshman and sophomore year because of personal issues but showed high upward trend to about 4.2 junior year and 4.5 so far in my senior year)
School doesn’t rank.
EC- Mainly just FIRST Robotics but was head of drive team as well as lead in technical and software groups for 3 out of the 4 years I’ve participated + nominated for Dean’s list (Robotics Dean’s list not school Dean’s list)

Applied for MechE at Storrs

Just a Correction since I can’t edit but I meant 3.8W GPA not 3.4

i think you have a very high chance of getting in. good luck . your sat is strong and you are out of state. plus good weighted GPA with high upward trend