Chance Me -- UC's + more schools (Georgetown, Harvard, Cornell, NYU, Amherst)

Chance me at all the UC’s + Georgetown, Northwestern, Cornell, Columbia, NYU, UT Austin, Washington University St. Louis, University of Washington, Williams, Amherst, Harvard, and Stanford (lol these were kinda random and I honestly still don’t know what kind of college I want to go to…which is why there’s big universities, LAC’s, state schools, etc.)

Race: Asian (Not spicy either…just Chinese/Korean)
gender: female
GPA: 4.0/4 unweighted, 4.5 weighted
SAT: Haven’t taken it yet
AP Exams: AP Spanish (4)
Major: Biochem, Molecular Biology, Chemistry, or Journalism

Freshman year: Physics Adv, Regular English, Advanced Algebra II/Pre-Calc, Choir, AP Spanish, PE
Freshman summer: AP Bio
Sophmore: Honors Chem, Honors English, AP Calc BC, AP Music Theory, AP Euro, PE (Though it was online so I literally skipped and just went to journalism every day lol)
Junior (planned): AP Chem, AP Physics 1, APUSH, AP Lang, Multivariable Calc, Journalism

Science Olympiad – Co-President sophomore + junior year, medaled in some invitationals but nothing really big
Literary Magazine – Revived Literary Magazine w/ a friend in freshman year, co-editor-in-chief, more than 100 submissions over the past two years
Camp [censored bc it’s kinda personal] – co-founded and directed a winter/summer camp for ~200 total kids (one week in summer, one week in winter)
Women in STEM – founder + president of the club, organizing a service project to deliver kits with science experiments to some kids in my district, guest speakers
Speech and Debate – treasurer (did some fundraising), I’m actually not very good (my best is like 5th in a regional tournament with 5 competitiors lol) but I do enjoy learning more about current events and just performing
JSA – Deputy Director of External Media for my region, meaning I help out with the regional magazine (I think there’s over 1000 members in the region if that means anything), went to a summer program sponsored by JSA on news and politics
SNHS + NHS – participated in local science fair and qualified for regional science fair but no awards, some volunteering
Girl Scouts – co-led a few STEM-oriented service projects w/ my troop, hope to earn Gold Award
Math Club
Tennis – JV, I haven’t been able to play this year and I’m not sure if i’ll play next year
Piano – obligatory as a middle class Asian, but I’m not very good…I just like being able to play my favorite TikTok songs on the piano

Science Olympiad medals at a few invitationals (nothing big)
Silver Key in Poetry (Scholastic Awards)
1st Place Team at UCSD Math Honors Contest
JSA Art for Advocacy 1st Place (Literature)
Honorable Mention (District Level) for PTSA Reflections Contest in Literature
Science Student of the Quarter

-Legacy to Harvard (idk if this even matters tho lol i’m nowhere near Harvard kids nowadays)
-Pretty high income bracket
-Small but competitive public high school (300-400 kids in each grade, we send around 20 kids to UCLA each year, 12 national merit semi-finalists, and like 10 kids go to Ivy’s each year)
-I may write about my brother having cancer since it really impacted who I am and a lot of my views of the world
-I want to do research this summer but I’m not really sure how to, especially with all the uncertainity around COVID. If anybody has tips feel free to leave them below!
-I think I’m the most well-rounded person you could meet…oh well, looks like spikes just aren’t for me

Ok I honestly don’t think anybody will see this post but my writing has also been published in a few places (online literary magazines)

Ngl ur very impressive :frowning:

Ahh says you :flushed:

I can’t really offer too much advice (I’m applying next year myself) but you seem like a strong candidate for top schools. The acceptance rates for class of 2025 were significantly lower than ever before for the Ivy League; we’re talking in the 3 percentile range. At this point it’s everyone’s game, keep up being amazing :))

Thanks! Good luck to you :). After seeing these incredibly low acceptance rates I’ve kinda realized that this whole process is a joke that we’re all kinda looped into, but oh well…I suppose that’s life.