Chance Me, UCs

Current hs sophomore

US citizen

Intended Major(s)
Biotech possibly?

GPA, Rank, and Test Scores
freshman year: 4.0
sophomore year: 3.83
overall: 3.94

weighted: 4.0

1230 psat

ftc robotics | programmer
girls who code | publicist
steam club | publicist

I want to go to a UC, hope fully uci, ucsb, ucd or ucsd, based on my current stats do you think I can?

Waaay too early for this discussion. Come back in a year.

UCs don’t count your 9th grade GPA nor do they accept tests.

Get great grades. Talk hard classes but not overwhelming.

Come back in a year.

I agree it is too early since you need 10-11th grades for the UC GPA calculation. In the calculation, you get an extra Honors point for UC approved Honors classes, AP/IB or Dual Enrollment courses. Below is a link so you can see what UC approved Honors classes are available at your HS: University of California A-G Course List

You will see a Yellow star next to the weighted classes for the GPA calculation. Here is the calculator: GPA Calculator for the University of California – RogerHub

To be competitive for the UC’s listed, you want a UC capped weighted GPA of 4.0+ And the UC’s consider the unweighted, capped weighted and fully weighted GPA’s in their admission decisions.

You should start your college list from the ground up, meaning you need to find at least 2 likely/safety schools. These schools should offer your major, you are guaranteed an acceptance, is affordable and you are willing to attend.

UC Riverside and/or Merced could be safety schools depending upon your Capped weighted GPA. Also consider your local Cal State as a possible safety school.

Since the UC’s are test blind and the CSU’s will probably following the trend when you apply, GPA will be one of the most important factors in your application.

You want to take a rigorous HS schedule within reason, where you can get good grades.

Continue developing your EC’s and have the college budget talk with your parents.

If you plan to apply to some Private schools or Out of state schools, then I would prep for the SAT or ACT.

Best of luck and enjoy HS.

though it is too early to say for sure, most of the UCs are a reach for applicants with a sub4 GPA. UCR and UCM are the exception. I’d encourage you to broaden your focus, take a look at some CSUs, SDSU, CSULB, Sonoma, Chico, CPP and the new CPHumbolt are probably all worth a look.

Here’s some data the UC system posts that should help you understand what it takes to get admitted at each campus.

I’d add WUE - a program which gives you a discount on OOS tuition at Western state publics, UNR, NAU, CO State, Oregon State for example.

keep up the good work and good luck!

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