Chance Me UDEL Nursing

GPA: 3.79 w
SAT: 1200
7 AP classes (14 honors/AP in total)
5 leadership positions: National Honor Society Secretary, Class of 2020 Secretary, Interact Club Vice President, Volunteer Cheerleading Coach for my town, Winter Varsity Cheerleading Captain
Awards: People’s Choice Award given in my junior year
EC: cheerleading, lacrosse, national honor society, student council, volunteer cheerleading coach, interact club
Job: part-time job
Volunteer hours: a decent amount
This is just everything given on my application. Please let me know my chances! thank you.

My D applied for nursing also 5 weeks ago so we don’t expect to hear yet. On another thread I’ve seen many accepted for nursing so far, and some with similar stats as you.
My D has 3.92 UW GPA
1290 SAT
5 honor societies as well as class secretary and sports
Visited Udel over break and she loved it. Wish more people who have been accepted would post stats on here! Good luck to you!!

Are you in-state or OOS?

My daughter was accepted into nursing. OOS from massachusetts
SAT: 1320
4.09 - weighted 3.7 UW
honors and APS
Hopefully your daughter has heard good news!

@coolj1018 Congrats to your daughter!! Still waiting. 10 weeks since submitted. Keeping fingers crossed! How long was wait for you and your D?

And we are oos Maryland. My D got into Penn State nursing, but was accepted at UT but not into nursing program so I’m anxious about Udel because these direct admit programs are so competitive!!!

@hc9801 Has your daughter heard good news yet form UDEL? it was about 10 weeks after submission when my D heard.