Chance me - UGA '26

hi!! my stats are 31 act, 4.0 UW GPA, 4.3 W GPA, and 9 ap classes by the end of high school! i’m also in state. i’m in 5 or so clubs at school and am pretty involved in 3 of them and fairly involved in the rest. i have roughly 300 volunteer hours throughout high school and do weekly volunteer work at my church. i’ve had 2 jobs in high school and had an internship relating to my intended major. i’m also a dancer and dance about 10 hours per week and have been doing it for my whole life. do y’all think i have a decent chance at getting into uga early action? it’s my dream school so i’m keeping my fingers crossed :))

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No problem, although EA was weird for some people last year. If not you’ll get in regular. Are you from an area other than Atlanta?

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Likely. Not assured. I agree apply EA. But don’t be surprised if deferred. I think you have a great chance - 80% but you still need a FSU, UTK or U of SC as a just in case.

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I am told that the big schools in metro Atlanta have limits (dictated by the Regents) on the number of students who get accepted to UGA per school. My daughter has similar stats, but we are from a small, semi-rural county (we are told she has a very good chance). Definitely have a "plan B (and C & D).

What I like about uga. Everyone has a shot. No I’m state preference. Well we are OOS

I think you have a good chance! Definitely apply EA.

Calculate your UGA GPA (defined on the admissions blog), read the admissions blog and follow David Graves on Twitter. UGA is very transparent with their admissions process. Have a couple good safeties/matches as a backup plan. Good luck and Go Dawgs!


Hi: OOS, 1420 SAT, 4.0 unweighted GPA, 5.4 weighted GPA, 10 APs, 2 dual enrollments, class rank 4/204; varsity XC, Track for 4 years and volunteer 200 hours.

Can’t imagine you not getting in. Apply Early. You’ll probably know by Nov and worst case you get in RD. If I recall last year that accepted the first batch on stats alone, and then went to full applications later.

What is your UGA GPA? They won’t look at your weighted or unweighted from your school.

With a 4.0 unweighted GPA and 10 APs your grades and test scores are in the mid range (25% to 75%) for admission. None are above 75% though, depending on what your UGA GPA is calculated to be. That being said I think you have a good chance but not a slam dunk.

It will be interesting to see how admissions shake out this year as test scores are required and this is the second year for UGA being on the common app. Last year their admission percentile dropped significantly. My expectation is that it will drop again this year, but likely not by as much.

As far as how they do their admissions process, read the most recent recent blog post. It details very specifically their methodology.

Thank you. Being OOS concerns me and am planning to take the SAT again and hopefully bring it up. Also have 4 dual enrollment classes but don’t know if they count as much as AP. Each school is different. I know UGA admissions is very competitive and applying also to UF, Vanderbilt, Georgia Tech, and a couple Ivys but need to get my SAT up. Math and Engineering focus.

My UGA GPA is 4.4

They will not consider your status as an out-of-state student in all likelihood at UGA. They did last year but that was the first time they ever have, And they only did it for a handful of applications. It will be considered at Georgia Tech, and will dramatically affect your chances of admission. Georgia Tech is a high reach for you.

What is your safety school? I don’t see one on your list. Vandy, Georgia Tech and all Ivies are high reaches unless you have something spectacular and unique on your résumé like national or international awards, published research, etc. and I would agree that your test scores need to go up up but for it to be considered you need to take it in the next week and send it directly to the schools.

I would consider UGA and UF both to be targets not safeties.

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Safety Schools: U of SC, Clemson, College of Charleston

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Even a small bump in you score will put you on the upper end of scores at UGA. This year with them requiring scores should improve your odds in my opinion. Seems like everyone has a 4.0 in GA High Schools but many won’t be able to achieve good test scores. What do you think about UF? Far better school but not sure if admissions is more or less competitive.

I would disagree that UF is a far better school. My son got in both UGA and UF and we dug pretty deep comparing the two.

When you look at rankings for various individual majors, UGA wins. When you look at undergraduate business school, they are even. However, UFs early business classes like accounting and Econ are exclusively online and have been since before Covid.

You are required to attend school for a summer semester at UF, I guess to reduce overcrowding. Also no requirement to live on campus as a freshman as there aren’t enough dorms. Many live off campus which detracts from a traditional first year experience.

I know Florida is ranked higher than UGA in public schools by about 10 slots, but they weren’t ranked higher for any major my son was interested in and in fact were ranked lower. I can’t really understand why they are ranked so high. They are ranked high in agriculture, and are ranked a good bit higher in engineering.

From a career standpoint, it seemed like UGA business school was a better option given its proximity to Atlanta and availability of internships.

Also know if you apply to UF, immediately after you submit your application you are able to pay a small deposit to get in line for housing. I would urge you to do so if you have any interest at all in living on campus or think you might.

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Test scores were very consistent last year with the year before so I don’t think they will go down

Agree with @VirginiaBelle on ranking. Find the right fit. They are not really different in stats but UF does require the summer and online classes.

In regards to being out of state, I attached the FAQs in an earlier post. There is no preference for in over out. UGA is the rare school that sees everyone equally.

I saw in a UGA thread from 2019 that people started finding out decisions in November. Does anyone know when decisions came out last year?

Also, I keep reading about the UGA recalculated GPA. Does the admission office calculate it based on my transcript. I don’t remember there being a space for that when I applied.

You can look up how to calculate UGA GPA online. It’s pretty easy. EA usually comes out right before Thanksgiving.

Thank you.

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