Chance me UGA Honors (Early action automatic acceptance)

Hello everyone! So I read one UGA’s website that they select honors students on the basis of curriculum, GPA, and standardized test scores. I would REALLY appreciate if someone took out time to chance me. Thanks!

Number of APs: 12, I have taken pretty rigorous courses throughout highschool
GPA Weighted: 4.596
GPA Unweighted: 4.0
SAT Superscore: 1500
ACT superscore: 34

Don’t know whether I should submit SAT or ACT…but I guess that’s a topic for another day.

I think you have a good chance of automatic acceptance into the honors program. Are you in state? I’m not sure if things have changed, but in recent years UGA was only looking at the English and Math sub scores of the ACT. If the average of those two scores are 31 are higher, then I believe you are in good shape.

@elena13 Times have changed. UGA honors entering class had average weighted GPA of 4.24, 34 ACT, and 1505 SAT. I’m not sure if they look at superscore for honors admissions. A 31 ACT is very unlikely to get into honors.

OP, put together a strong app and you’ll have a shot, but it’s far from guaranteed. Every year it gets more competitive and very strong students are rejected. Good luck!

Thank you both for your input! @elena13 , yes I am instate.
@itsgettingreal17 , I understand its far from guaranteed, but would you say I am more likely to get in than not or the other way around?
P.S. They do superscore, I just called them

@itsgettingreal17 - Yes, I agree times have changed and very little in college admissions is guaranteed. My S19 and nephew the year before were both automatic admits to honors but I know that things are getting more difficult each year. The main point I was trying to make is that the English and Math sub scores need to be at least a 31 and those two are more important than Science and Reading. Also, if you don’t get automatic acceptance to honors, you can apply in January and will hopefully have a good chance. However, no one can definitely give you the reassurance that you would like. Just do your best on your applications and try to enjoy senior year. Good luck!

My wife and oldest son went to an Honors presentation at UGA recently. I am repeating what they told me, so I did not hear this directly.

UGa will look at the people it accepts EA and slot you to Honors if you are in the top 10% of GPA (Georgia GPA), top 10% of rigor (not sure how they evaluate this school to school), and top 10% of superscored SAT/ACT. If you don’t get Honors at the time you are admitted for EA, you’re not going to get Honors.

Again, this is what they reported to me, so apologies if they got something wrong in recounting it to me.

Meaning, if you don’t get automatic acceptance into Honors, don’t bother applying?

I understand that universities sometimes need to standardize students’ stats. I’m afraid this may hurt my S, though, who submitted his UGA application recently. He has a 35 ACT and 4.0 UW, but he attends a very small private school that does not offer AP or IB. No classes are labeled as Honors, because all of the classes are rigorous. Depending on how UGA views this scenario, S’s Georgia GPA may not be very competitive. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

UGA says they score each school by AP/IB/Honor opportunities to come up with an adjusted rigor (but the specific outcomes of this methodology aren’t publicly disclosed). I would have to think that a perfect 4.0 with no chance for AP bonuses would count toward top 10% GPA and certainly toward top 10% rigor. The 35 ACT will be Top 10% for test scores.

There is no separate application for Honors, only for the Ramsey and Foundation Fellowship programs. Your son’s numbers look very competitive for both of those, so apply to those programs (I believe the deadline is Nov. 1, and there are additional essays and other requirements).

I went back and checked, and I am wrong on a few things. If you are not auto-accepted into Honors, you can still apply to get into the program by submitting an Honors application. So technically, if you don’t get it automatically as part of EA, you still have a chance, and also there IS an application for Honors (which only needs be submitted if you don’t get it automatically).

From the UGA website:

Students not automatically accepted to the Honors Program must complete an Honors application to be considered for Honors Program acceptance. The application for current high school students will open Dec. 1. The application deadline is Feb. 1 at 11:59 p.m. EST. Notification will be emailed and mailed to students after UGA Undergraduate Admissions has released Regular Decision acceptances.

The application will reopen Dec. 1, 2019.

That is great to hear that UGA does make adjustments for high schools with no AP/IB opportunities. And yes, S has been working hard on the Foundation Fellowship application. We know that the odds are long, but the odds are zero if he doesn’t apply.

Best of luck to your twins, @TwinsDad2024. I had two go through the college process a couple of years ago. Makes your head spin at times!

I’d say you’re right there depending on your essays!! I got in with a lower GPA and a 1530 and at Honors Convocation they told us they had to weed out based on SAT. I’d say with a 1500 you’re pretty solid but it all depends on the applicant pool. You have a strong application, and I wish you luck!!!

@AshleyClaire11 Thanks for the encouragement!!!

New to this message board thing. I saw on the honors page Facebook page they congratulated the new members for co 2024. Are these the auto admitted group? My son is at camp and has no access to internet. Will there be snail mail as well?

@GeorgiaPeach99 - Yes, the auto-admits to Honors were notified on their status pages Friday afternoon, so those are the kids being congratulated. There will also be an acceptance package arriving in the mail soon which would contain a letter about the Honors College admission. The mail packages went out on Friday according to the admissions office.

Good luck to your son! My daughter was admitted, but no auto-admit to Honors. We knew she’d be on the edge for Honors, so she’ll apply when the application opens and hope for the best. Also, I know several kids who didn’t get accepted to Honors for their first year, but were able to apply and be admitted to the Honors Program for their sophomore year after doing well freshman year. So, there are several chances to get in.

Congrats to your daughter! My daughter also got her acceptance but is a little disappointed she missed honors. Anyways, your daughters stats are very similar to my child’s. I believe their ACT English/Math was just a bit too low (my daughters is a 32.5 35 and 30), so yours is actually higher there. Lets hope they can get in on the holistic review.

Ok great info! He snuck away to check his email and got accepted as well as got into the Honor’s Program. I assume he was auto admitted? He did not complete any scholarship apps unfortunately (another story for another day). He would have qualified for Ramsey. Oh well. I’m happy with where he is. Other son is at GaTech. Going to be fun!