Chance me UGA!

UGA GPA= 3.9375
SAT-1480(790-M 690-R & W)
APs- Chem, Comp Sci, Physics, World, US History(12th grade- BC Cal, Psych, Environmental Sc , Microecon, and Statistics)
Comp Sci Club-VP
Chess Club-VP
Varsity Lacrosse 4 Years(Cpt. 11th & 12th)
Worked At emory as a student intern
FTC Robotics-9th
VEX Robotics-10th & 11th

I think that you are a likely admit, but not sure about honors college although you are certainly qualified

Are you being recruited for lacrosse ? Are you applying to any other colleges or universities ?

I’m also applying to Emory, UNC Chapel Hill, GA Tech, KSU(Safety), and UVA. I’ve only been scouted by four D3 schools for lacrosse, 2 of which are very interested but i don’t plan to play NCAA. But i am interested in playing club lacrosse for UGA.

Okay. But I am interested in the four D3 schools. I will PM you if you want to disclose those schools as you are below 15 posts & cannot initiate a PM.

P.S. My relative is a chaired prof. at KSU.