CHANCE ME- UMass Amherst Nursing

gender: male
ethnicity: Latino (brazilian)
GPA- unweighted 3.79 — weighter 3.96(on my schools system)
SAT- 1220
ACT- just took it hopefully I do better than SAT
in state

all honors and AP all four years mostly A’s and a few B+
doubled up in math sophomore year
Junior year - AP BIO+ AP Lang as well as Anatomy Honors
Senior Year- AP Psych, AP Spanish, AP Lit

danced since I was 3- competitively since 3rd grade— also part of the intern program
volunteer at local hospital
Global Citizenship Program
Spanish Exchange Program
leadership in serveral clubs
worked at the YMCA summer camp this past summer as well as a babysitter at a country club

won the yearly scholarship award in my dance studio for dedication and leadership
seal of Biliteracy in spanish

Great school and great program. I would say you have a solid GPA and a very good SAT. It’s a pretty competitive program. In state. URM. Male. All good in your favor. Solid shot but no guarantees.

Take a look at URI and UMass Dartmouth and Bridgewater too.

I think you have a good chance to get in. My daughter is a freshman nursing student this year. They were told over 2,000 kids applied and less than 70 were accepted, so I’d recommend having a back up. Good Luck!

UMass Amherst has a very strong nursing program, and I hope you get in. There are scholarships available for men who want to study nursing, so make sure to google/look for those.

The average GPA of students getting into UMass’s nursing program is over a 4.0 weighted, and SAT was 1300+. I like your GPA for UMass Amherst, and as you suspected your SAT is a bit low for the nursing program. Fine for the uni as a whole, but a bit low for nursing. I like your extra curriculars, that you’re a man interested in nursing (where men are underrepresented), and that you’re Latino (who are also underrepresented in nursing). I encourage you to apply to UMass Amherst, but I would suggest that you also apply to some good backups, such as Northeastern, Bridgewater State, UMass Boston, UMass Dartmouth, U Maine Orono, URI, Framingham State, UMass Lowell, U Southern Maine, Fitchburg State. All of these have really good nursing programs, some of which are a bit easier to get into than UMass Amherst’s program is.

Do apply to UMass Amherst. Although yes, your SATs are low for this program there, the rest of your stats are right there for them, and you do stand a shot there. Just make sure you apply to other schools where your SATs are right in their ranges for their nursing program, as backups.

@RoaringMice Northeastern Nursing is not a backup school for UMass Amherst.

They accept about 200 and 70 enroll. Their admit rate is about 10%. Good luck with the ACT!

UMass Lowell would also be a solid option to look into.

I would make sure you apply other places as well. My son applied two years ago with a 1360 and a 4.5 weighted (3.6 UW) and was not admitted. He was from an extremely competitive private in state school and had 9 APs along with all Honors. He had ECs and also had volunteered in a hospital in a dementia unit. They do not look at male/female and generally look at stats. He was admitted to the other 12 schools to which he applied (UVM, Fairfield, U Pitt etc)

Momtofourkids, where did he end up going?

My daughter has a 5.01 weighted gpa, 4.0 weighted, 1490 SAT, lots of extracurriculars, President/Captain of clubs and sports teams…chance of getting into UMASS Nursing? Do you think UMass Amherst is as strong as BC for getting a job in Boston?