Chance me - UMich, American, Cornell, Brown (with current acceptances and deferrals)

Hi, I am primarily worried about University of Michigan, but the other schools I applied to are below! Any advice or comments would be helpful so thank you :slight_smile:


  • US Citizen
  • Small town in Michigan
  • Rural public high school
  • White female
  • First generation college student, lower middle class

Intended Major(s)

  • Political science, pre-law, or English


  • Unweighted HS GPA: 3.91
  • Weighted HS GPA (incl. weighting system): my hs does not weigh GPA
  • Class Rank: 3/23
  • ACT/SAT Scores: Did not submit standardized test scores


  • AP/Honors classes include: AP Literature and Composition, AP Chemistry, AP Statistics, AP US Government and Politics, AP Environmental Science, AP Human Geography, Honors Chemistry, Honors English III, Honors Art. I took every AP and honors course available at my high school except for AP calculus.
  • Current class schedule: AP Lit, Yearbook, AP Chemistry, Honors art, Civics (couldn’t get out of taking it despite having taken AP gov junior year), critical knowing (philosophy class), AP statistics


  • International Baccalaureate MYP certificate
  • Leadership award
  • Teen leadership award for 4-H
  • History and social studies award
  • National Spanish Exam Premio Bronce


  • Class president 10-12
  • NHS vice president 11-12
  • NAHS 9-12, secretary 11 and VP 12
  • Yearbook 11-12, editor 12
  • Political volunteer and campaigner 10-12
  • 4-H Babysitting club teen leader 8-12
  • Chess club 11-12, president 12
  • Familial responsibilities (babysitting/caretaker) 9-12
  • Worked two jobs throughout high school, one 9-10 and the other 11-12


  • Strong common app essay written about my experiences with being kicked out by my father due to political differences and how that impacted my decision to go into politics and become politically active.
  • Pretty strong supplemental essays, my best efforts were put into my essays for UMich
  • LORs were written by my English teacher of 3 years (I’d rate it 8.5/10), my AP Chemistry teacher who has taught me for the past 4 years (I’d rate it a 9.5/10), and my art teacher/NHS and NAHS advisor (7/10)

Cost Constraints / Budget

  • Being a low income student who is not receiving any help from parents or family members, I am looking for a school that pays for at least my tuition but room & board would also be lovely


  • Acceptances so far: Michigan State, Fordham, UVermont, Eastern Michigan, Western Michigan, Hendrix College
  • Deferral(s): UChicago EA
  • Schools I haven’t heard back from: University of Michigan, American University, Cornell, Brown, Yale, Columbia, Harvard, Smith College, Dartmouth


  • UMich typically accepts a decent amount of people who applied from my school but only four people (including me) applied this academic year… I am really wondering about UMich because it’s my top choice school
  • I don’t know if seeing the schools I was accepted into or deferred from helps at all, but I figured I would include those just in case they do help.

Thank you if you’re reading this and you respond!

By the way, I applied EA to UMich!!

For the schools that you have already heard back from, how many of them are affordable? Are you still waiting to hear about financial aid from some of them?

I would be surprised if UVM is affordable even though you probably have a good chance of a merit scholarship. It is generally not cheap out of state.

It is hard for me to guess your chances at U. Michigan since we are from a different part of the country. My wild guess is that your chances for admissions should be pretty good. Your chances for financial aid might be more important but I cannot guess.

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My concern is your parents are low income. And won’t contribute.

But the aid forms will still require their finances and use for determinants.

Do you know your EFC?

Many of these schools, like American will have merit but not solid need aid. Hendrix may match UM tuition but it’s still a lot plus room and board.

If we knew your EFC we could help more.

As for your list, your ECs are great and getting deferred at Chicago is a plus.

I suspect you’ll get in everywhere but the Ivies and maybe you’ll sneak in at Dartmouth. With AU, make sure you demonstrate interest.

You might take a flyer at W&L and Middlebury. I think you are too late at W&L for the Johnson.

At AU, make sure you apply for the Frederic Douglas.

Good luck.

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Too late for Johnson, deadline was December 1st! Agree with everything you said.

First off very impressive. Michigan State has a great honors program that you should get merit from. Look into it.

Do you qualify for

If your school sends kids on a regular basis that is a positive. You are actually everything they are looking for so good luck. As you know Michigan defers a lot so don’t despair. I normally don’t do this but if they don’t take you EA then sham on them

If your school or counselor has a connection to Michigan (some actually do), this is the time you want them to reach out before EA is announced.So ask tomorrow.

I do qualify for the go blue guarantee! And I got into the honors program at MSU earlier this month so that’s exciting, I haven’t really received any aid from MSU yet though so that’s a tad bit of a problem

My EFC is 3308, thank you for the help with AU. Hopefully something will work out merit wise. I do qualify for the go blue guarantee @ Umich since my family makes less than 65k/yr… I think I am going to need to work through the school year in order to pay for an apartment or dorm room, unfortunately (unless a miracle happens and I get into an Ivy)

UMich, the ivies, and uchicago are the only really viable options for me so far, but seeing as they are all in the realm of reaches that is very tricky. I haven’t heard much about financial aid yet from many schools so I am still waiting… Hoping for a miracle

Awesome. Sent you a DM…

So look at this list. It’s colleges that meet need. So it’s more than the Ivies.

Look at some easier on here. Franklin & Marshall. Connecticut, Miami etc. even take a flyer on a Grinnell or Lafayette or Trinity, etc.

Do the net price Calculator. See what they say. May be worth applying to a few of these if the # is right. I’m not talking the Ivies but the very fine schools a couple notches below…

There’s 3 lists on this blog so read the entire thing.

A school like American isn’t going to work…you may get $15-25k merit and some aid but not enough. But lots of schools you can possibly get into do meet need.

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@tsbna44 can you pls help me understand how to demonstrate interest for American? Is there more to do than taking a tour? Thank you!

Sure- and it gets to be overdone with them - and my daughter did a ton including their preview day and had better stats and got $15K so…

Visit is great.

Email your AO questions - come up with something good

Mainly - they email the heck out of you. Play some videos they send.

Sign up for a presentation or two.

That’s the big thing - engaging their email. Listen, they can drive you nuts with all the stuff.

That said, ED is the best way of demonstrating interest - but also the most dangerous way. They take you, you get what they give or don’t give you and you’re done.

They’re not going to meet need by the way - and since you are a need student - it’s why I snt you the list I sent you. Only the Ivies you listed and Smith will meet need plus Mihcigan. will help you.

I hope you looked at it and put in for a few attainable schools that meet need.

Good luck.

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